Laptops Im Vergleich 2016

The ideal laptop zum every need and budget, based on the hundreds von laptops we"ve tested.

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Laptops. There are just dafür many von them. Yet what"s the best laptop for you? ist it a business notebook, a powerful gaming laptop, or a Chromebook? we know die sheer number von choices tun können be overwhelming, which zu sein why we made this list.

We"ve produced this handy, dandy guide deshalb you"ll understand all ns ins und outs of your prospective system before you make the decision to hit die buy button. From advice on picking screen size, kommen sie selecting between in SSD and HDD, to insider scoops top top where to find ns best price on laptops, below are some necessary tips zum finding ns right system zum you.

Over the course of a year, we testimonial over 150 laptop computers covering every price point and use case. Even if it is you’re looking zum a efficiency workhorse, a gibberish gaming system or a multimedia machine to kick back und watch a movie or two, we tun können help you find your ideologen match.

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In order zu make our finest Laptop von 2021 list, the system needs to score at least 4 out des 5 stars on ours reviews and deliver on the things shoppers care around most. Bei our evaluations, we emphasis on design und comfort, screen quality, the keyboard und touchpad, performance, battery life and especially value.

What are ns best laptop computers right now?

The Dell XPS 13 zu sein currently our top overall pick for best laptop of 2021. Powered von a 11th Gen Intel core i7 processor und integrated Intel iris Xe graphics, the 1080p version des the laptop is ideal zum work, play und light content creation. Und with it’s bright, vivid display, ns laptop is deshalb great for watching videos. Plus, it’s also incredibly slim and light make it in ideal laptop zum mobile professionals.

Those bei the market for a convertible must give ns Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 a look. If 13-inches ist too small, us suggest the Dell XPS 17, which deshalb earned a spot on this list thanks zu its powerful performance that renders it ideal for students, mobile and creative professionals.

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For our sich entschuldigen aficionados, the new must-haves are ns MacBook Pro and MacBook Airm1 laptops. Apple"s neu silicone point out a new chapter bei Apple computing, und computers as a whole. Ns ARM-based chips bring in unprecedented amount des power und endurance, the likes of which that places the typically underpowered air on a par with major ultraportables.

And if you"re in the industry for in extra-large Chromebook, check our review of the Acer Chromebook 317, ns world"s zuerst 17-inch Chrome OS laptop.