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I like writing about electric or moped-like contraptions — cute wenig bikes that nur how clever people kann be with green technology, but hinweisen the ende of the day, wenig more 보다 novelties. It is through this lens that i view ns 2015 Freeride E-SX available in the European market from KTM’s “E-Ride” line, and I gotta say that ich like what i see. This ist a real bike with real capabilities, und it demonstrates the electric-vehicle technology ist beginning to mature – at least enough to see a severe dirt cycle join die burgeoning ranks of street style, electric motorcycles.

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Continue reading zum my review of the 2015 KTM Freeride E-SX.



KTM started out with ns proven Freeride design when it built this completely off-road machine. Unequal its brethren, die street-legal E-XC und E-SM, this modell comes sans lights, and is set nach oben with closed-circuit racing bei mind. Floor clearance und suspension travel are on par with similar gas-powered bikes, und the performance von the electric motor zu sein sufficient zum the most aggressive gyeongju moves. Bottom line; it’s a KTM dust bike, and it looks (and acts) favor a KTM dirt bike.



A chrome-moly structure uses the motor as a stressed member, and has aluminum reinforcement at the critical areas zum a stiff, however light, framework assembly. A fiber-reinforced, polyamide subframe keeps die weight under at die seat and rear mudguard. Speaking of weight, you can rotate die footpeg mounts 180 levels for in 8 mm (0.314 inch) balance out that shifts her weight much more to ns rear for lightning-fast handling und traction in the turns. Seat height zu sein adjustable together well. You kann sein run with the stock, 900 mm (35.4 inch) height, or you kann lower it by 25 mm (almost bei inch) with ns kit indigenous KTM.

KTM take it advantage des the “no-clutch” drivetrain and moved ns rear brake control to ns left handlebar lever, similar kommen sie a bicycle.

The factory used ns same quality suspension materials it would usage on one of its similarly sized gas bikes, for comparable performance and capabilities. A WP PDS monoshock damps ns swingarm, and 43 mm, WP, turning back forks support und stiffen ns front. Both ends des the bike get a full 250 mm (9.84 inch) von travel, dafür it zu sein well right into dirt-bike territory bei that department.

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Formula brakes bind the wheels via the snazzy-looking, wave-cut discs. The einzel 260 mm prior disc und 230 mm rear disc to be designed specifically zum the Freeride models, und they incorporate grippy braking with superior warm dissipation. KTM take it advantage of the “no-clutch” drivetrain, and moved the rear brake regulate to die left handlebar lever, similar zu a bicycle. If I in sure the one tun können get used to that, ich fear my muscle storage would have me locking up die rear end every time i grab a fistful des “phantom clutch.”


Now we get to the onion, folks. Deswegen far the bike has looked like pretty viel any one more dirt bike. This alters radically when we anfang talking about the mill. KTM went v a brushless, permanent-magnet electric motiv to make die rear wheel go roundy-round, regardless von the conditions. The motiv cranks the end a respectable 16 kilowatts (21.5 horsepower), und a lining 42 Newton-meters (30.9 pound-feet) of torque. Best von all, ns torque doesn’t “come on,” it’s there from die start! As soon as you crack the “throttle,” ns torque ist there in all that is glory, so you oase instant stärke at her command whenever you need it.

The motiv cranks the end a respectable 16 kilowatts (21.5 horsepower), und a lining 42 Newton-meters (30.9 pound-feet) des torque.

The battery pack consists des 360 lithium-ion cells that take about in hour zu deplete, relying on your talk style, von course. You tun können fully charge ns battery bei about 80 minutes, or you kann quick charge it zu 80 percent an about 50 minutes. Theoretically, sie could ride repeatedly all day v a 2nd battery und a energie source zum the charger. Mercifully, ns battery ist designed weil das easy removal und installation, deshalb you won’t have to waste beneficial time monkeying approximately with her bike on gyeongju day.

The relationship bolzen the motor und the battery zu sein managed by the Engine control Unit (ECU). This wenig water-cooled gem monitors ns load und the available power to keep motiv output stable under differing conditions. A compact screen on what would usually be die fuel tank displays die remaining battery power, und acts as a rider interface enabling you zu choose one von three riding modes kommen sie moderate ns available power und prolong battery life.

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You kann score ns Freeride E-SX weil das €10.995, and that price includes the satisfaction you will garner from being a great steward of the environment.

He Said

“I establish there space severalmanufacturers exploring the electric streetbike market, but there seems zu be something exceptionally hard about bei electric dirt bike – particularly one that claims to be ready-to-race out von the box. Bikes favor this bode well zum the future des electric-vehicle technology.”

She Said

My wife und fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "I was just looking punkt Energica bikes, und marveling hinweisen what they can do with electric motors now, dafür it doesn’t surprise me that off-road machines are so mean. The town hall these fly effortlessly across ns terrain, it’s favor watching a motocross video with the sound turn off. There zu sein no obnoxious scream von the engine, nur a tinny whine together they power through die hills and mud."



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