Kodi media player is nothing without ns best Kodi addons set up on her device. It ist a source zum bringing her Movies, TV Shows, direkte TV, and Sports. 

This ist a complete guide on die best Kodi addons the are right now working and are update daily.

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These addons room compatible with die latest Kodi Leia or any type of older version. We continuously test these addons kommen sie bring you the updated list that space 100% working.

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Top 7 ideal Kodi Addons for april 2021

Among countless working add-ons, here’s a list des Kodi addons that space top von the line:

Pro Tip: Alway use a VPN before or if using any kind of Kodi addon, it möchte help you with buffer-free stream and let you fetch content easily when ensuring a private streaming experience. Avail 81% off on ExpressVPN.
1. Die Crew

2. Exodus Redux

3. Tempest

4. Venom

5. Magic Dragon

6. Scrubs V2

7. Numbers

1. The Crew (Movie/TV Shows)


The Crew addon ist the mixture of Movies and Live IPTV channels. There zu sein a separate section that goes über the nennen IPTV wherein you kann stream 100’s des channels.

There’s a stand-up comedy section auch which is viewed by millions around die world.

Once much more interesting thing around this addon ist that that streams shows und movies based upon streaming service such as Disney Plus, Netflix, etc.

Find the end how zu install “The Crew” Kodi addon here.

2. Exodus Redux (Movie/TV Shows)


Exodus Redux zu sein probably ns best Kodi addon weil das Movies I have seen an a while. It ist exactly ns clone des the once-popular Exodus addon that streams Movies and TV Series.

It also streams new episodes und new movie that are currently bei theatres as well.

You will find HD quality links along v SD streaming top quality as well. Discover how kommen sie get “Exodus Redux” ~ above kodi here.

Repo: https://i-a-c.github.io/

3. Storm (Movies/IPTV)


Tempest addon ist similar zu ‘The Crew’ that deshalb has IPTV channels together with movies und TV shows for free.

This zu sein the best working Kodi addon amongst kids due to the fact that you kann find cartoons, anime, children TV shows, und more bei good quality.

Repo: https://tempest0580.github.io/

4. Gift (Movies/TV Shows)


Venom is one von the finest addons for Kodi which was once in abandoned Exodus fork, however it has actually recently resolved everything. Now, you kann find great quality streaming links.

It is one des these add-ons that require Trakt account, but t so has free links as well.

It has sections favor Movies, TV Shows, neu Movies, neu Episodes, freshly Aired (TVMaze), Trakt, und more. Discover how to get “Venom” addon on Kodi bei this Guide.

5. Die Magic Dragon (Movies/Live TV)


Magic Dragon Kodi addon is one des the couple of Kodi ideal addons i m sorry provides direkt TV streaming.

This addon has ns best streaming links weil das watching Sports, Movies, TV Show, live TV, Cartoons und so much more.

It deshalb has a section for real Debrid movies that space available an 4K und there’s a section referred to as Catch up TV that stream IPTV channels however require a VPN. You tun können learn how zu install “Magic Dragon” ~ above Kodi here.

6. Scrubs V2 (Movie/TV Shows)


Scrubs V2 has numerous different options as it brings freundin options like many Popular, In-Theatre, Premiere, Top-Rated, and other options.

You will find neu movies that oase been released in the previous week und you will find it in satisfactory streaming quality.

This Kodi addon is probably the smoothest i was able kommen sie find because ich didn’t schutz any troubles with buffering.

Repo: https://jewbmx.github.io/

7. Numbers (Movie/TV Shows)


Numbers addon has been approximately for so many years, but it recently got better. There are tons des sections that will help sie watch Movies, TV Shows, children content, Documentaries, Fitness, etc.

There is also a section called UFC that möchte help you watch all the previous UFC occasions highlights.

It has actually a 24/7 ar that streams Disney Junior and other channels live, but with die help des a VPN.

Repo: http://cellardoortv.com/repo

8. Maverick


Maverick is another ideal alternative zum those who love to watch TV shows und movies. It has actually a mixture des free and also Debrid links weil das real-debrid users.

It has a sports ar where you kann sein find a great collection von recent rings shows.

It has actually other sections choose Latest TV Shows, One Click TV Shows, täglich Motion TV, oberteil 250 Movies von All Time to entertain yourself.

Repo: https://dejavurepo.github.io/

9. Disney to add (D+ and Hotstar)


This is an official Disney plus addon that has all ns latest Movies and TV collection available on Disney Plus.

Actually, this ist one of the best addons weil das Kodi the combines Disney+ und Hotstar. In order to access this addon, you möchte need a Disney to add subscription. It zu sein available in the SlyGuy Repo. Follow these instructions kommen sie install “Disney Plus” on Kodi.

10. Asgard


Asgard has got plenty von good inhalt to watch consisting of movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids content, standup comedy and sports.

There ist a section zum 4k Shows und movies where you kann watch shows an UHD quality. Moreover, it has a separate Non Debrid section zum non-debrid users to get free linke seite to your favorite shows.

IPTV section enables you kommen sie watch live TV channels on her device.

Repo: http://www.narcacist.com/repo/

11. Kingdom


Kingdom is in all ist one Kodi addon whereby you can find entertainment from every genre, It has sections choose Movies, TV Shows, Sports, House des Horror, Ghosts and Paranormal TV, Sports, Comedy und even sections zum kids.

You kann even watch premium links from the echt Debrid 1 Click Movies section if she a real-debrid user.

You can get this addon from the ‘Last Kingdom’ repository and ‘T2K’ repository.

Repo: https://pedrokingdom.com/repo

12. LooNatics Unleashed


Loonatics is an all-in-one Kodi addon for ultimate entertainment. There room sections for Movies, TV Shows, neu Episodes, live TV, Sports, Comedy, Music, Cartoons und Anime.

There are also separate sections kommen sie stream content from well-known streaming service including Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

The addon zu sein available an the LooNatics 3000 Asylum Repository und you can install the via ns following link:

Repo: https://techecoyote.github.io/Install_LooNatics.

13. Revolution


Revolution zu sein a reputable add-on weil das watching the latest movies with schon fast links. You tun können always find neu movies and episodes ideal away from the sections ‘New Movies’ and ‘New Episodes’.

The addon zu sein available in the DejaVu repository. Here zu sein the working link for its repository:

Repo: https://dejavurepo.github.io/

14. DejaVu


DejaVu is a best videos ad-on zum kodi which contains paid and also free links to the best movies and shows.

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The sections include Debrid 4K, recent Movies, Debrid standard Movies, One Click TV Shows, new Documentaries, etc.

It has famous sections for comedy shows, youngsters shows, JukeBox und online radio. It zu sein available bei the DejaVu repository. Get instructions kommen sie install “DejaVu” addon on Kodi here.

15. Anime Toons


Anime Toons is a an excellent add-on zum kids. It includes sections prefer Super Cartoons und AnimeXD.

Its super Cartoons section has actually subsections prefer Walt Disney und Warner Bros, where you can stream well-known cartoons including, Scooby Doo, roadway Runner, Pluto, Figaro, tom & Jerry etc.

Repo: http://hazmatcorner.com/OKB/

16. FREE


Free Kodi Addon is all about free links zum great entertainment. That lists some free movies, children movies, TV shows, täglich Motion, und comedy sections.

You kann sein get some great quality links for Wrestling content bei its free WWE/AEW/UFC Replays section.

It ist available an the DejaVu repository and can be conveniently installed through ns following link:

Repo: https://dejavurepo.github.io/

17. ClickSville


This addon is entirely a Movie und TV nur addon that besteht aus up every types des genres choose Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Real-Debrid, and more.

You can also integrate Real-Debrid for quality streaming links, otherwise, you can deshalb stream for free von selecting a menu ‘Free links Movies’.

Since it fetches linke seite from torrent sites, you möchte need a VPN.

Repo: https://pedrokingdom.com/repo

18. Exodus V8 (Movies/TV Shows)


Exodus still is ns most well-known third-party Kodi addon in the community. Due to the fact that this addon has actually been updated, Exodus kann sein be seen in almost every user’s library.

Exodus Kodi is a videobilien streaming add-on that has actually sections like Movies, TV Shows, neu Movies, and New Episode. The changed ns game weil das all add-ons that we hear right now. Get instructions zu install “Exodus” ~ above Kodi here.

19. FANime (Anime)


FANime ist the finest Kodi addon 2020 that basically delivers you ns high-quality Anime content. You kann find every kinds von genres with new seasons and old seasons.

It ist found bei the Stream army Repository having sections like Recent Releases, A kommen sie Z, recently Added, Movies, Popular, etc.

Repo: http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/

20. DeathStar (AIO)


DeathStar ist a unique addon that has been arisen with die collaboration of many developers. It has actually a combination von many well-known add-ons that have been placed together an one place.

It consists of add-ons choose WOW, Ghost, M.E.T.V Athena, House des Blue, Mysterious, and so much more.

It means you kann sein find practically everything bei every category. Discover out how zu install “Death Star” ~ above Kodi here.

Repo: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

21. TempTV (Live IPTV)


TempTV ist another gem of bei addon that stream live IPTV networks that has sections like entertainment, movies, sports, news, music, 1-click movies, 1-click shows, etc.

It ist a 1-click videos addon that hasn’t had known problems with buffering. It ist found in Tempest Repository. You kann find instructions to install “TempTV” top top Kodi bei this guide.

Repo: https://tempest0580.github.io/

22. SkyNet (Movies/TV Shows)


SkyNet zu sein among ns best IPTV Kodi addon that has actually been around for a long time. Previously, it was found an the Maverick TV Repository but is currently found in DejaVu Repository.

It has actually sections such as TV Shows und Movies, Channels, Search, and more.

Repo: https://dejavurepo.github.io/

23. Covenant (TV Shows/Movies)


Covenant come as in official Exodus fork, introduced von the exact same owner due kommen sie several reasons. When TVAddons mysteriously disappeared from ns Kodi world, it slowed under Exodus in spite of being on regular basis updated.

Ultimately, wie man Exodus Kodi stopped working covenant took over with ns same quality des library and interface.

The neu add-on covenant fulfilled the expectations von Exodus fans von picking hoch where Exodus left. Refer to die detailed guide on installation “Covenant” top top Kodi.

24. F4M tester (Program)


Ever wonder why virtually all tendency add-ons need F4M tester to run properly? since F4M Tester ist a significant reason, these add-ons are able zu provide high-quality streams to the users.

F4M prüfung add-on offers the fundamental decoding protocol required weil das video add-ons, empowering ns add-ons in enhancing ns user experience. Discover how kommen sie get “F4M Tester” on Kodi here.

25. Ghost Portal


Ghostal Portal ist a German Kodi addon the consists von sections like live TV, kids Zone, sporting activities Club, World of Sounds, Comedy, und more.

This addon comes from Ghostal Porta repository und is a good delight zum German fans.

Repo: http://ghost-repo.de/

26. TAZ (Movies/TV Shows)


TAZ zu sein a videobilien addon that ist actually an Exodus fork having die same menu and features. Some des the options include Movies, TV Shows, new Movies, neu Episodes, etc.

This addon weil das Movies zu sein found in the Octopus repository und brings you ns best streaming links.

Repo: http://octopus246.esy.es/octopus/

27. TheMovieBay.net


TheMovieBay.net zu sein a simple yet really useful addon if sie are a movie geek. The has four sections specific Movies, TV Shows, Reality, and Search.

You tun können always discover some des the latest movies through one click streaming und no lagging issues. It is available bei the Mbebe repository and can be set up from the following link:

Repo: http://mbebe.github.io/blomqvist

28. Ns Oath


The Oath is another movies and TV shows details addon which ist a good source weil das good quality links zum all the latest movies. Its sub sections include, Genre, Year, popular movies, Oscar winners, etc.

In ns genre subsection, you tun können find nearly every genre des movies consisting of action, adventure, anime, comedy, crime, documentary, fantasy, history, etc.

Repo: https://host505.github.io/

29. Genesis Resurrected RD


Genesis Resurrected zu sein a debrid-only video addon zum Kodi users und can easily be mounted on numerous devices including FireStick. It was once a really popular addon among Kodi users but its initial repository zu sein no much longer working. However, blieb you tun können access it v LooNatics 3000 Asylum repository.

This addon has sections weil das Movies, TV Shows, my Movies, my TV Shows, new Movies, neu Episodes, channels etc and is a an excellent source weil das new und popular movies.

Repo: https://techecoyote.github.io/Install_LooNatics

30. Greased Lightning Reborn


Greased Lightning Reborn has actually a vast library of content and let you play movies/shows automatically without click on linke seite manually. Formerly it was known together MTB’s Greased Lightning.

It has fast scrappers that conveniently discover the best working links for your selected movie/show und play that instantly without forcing you kommen sie click on a link. It has a dozen sections in its hauptsächlich folder.

You tun können get this addon native Diamond sorcerer’s Repository.

Repo: http://diamondbuild.xyz/

31. Locutus (Debrid Only)


Locutus is in on-demand Kodi addon i m sorry works only with real-debrid and all-debrid premium links. It has actually scrappers available to deliver tons of quality content von finding real-working links.

It zu sein available in Diamond construct Repository und can be mounted on any an equipment including FireStick, iOS, Android, Mac, und PCs.

Repo: http://diamondbuild.xyz/

In a Nutshell

I hope freundin enjoyed our list of the oberteil Kodi addons. Gain a mix of great videos & music service from around ns world through our provided add-ons and let us understand how sie liked them.

If us missed any kind of do let united state know and we will add castle to ns countdown.

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For any aid installing or configuring the addons let united state know in the comments ar below.