The Kia Venga ist a klein MPV it is practical, spacious and good value for money - but it’s beginning kommen sie look and feel dated

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Kia decided kommen sie stop selling the Venga bei early 2019 - its decision proof that klein people carriers are falling out of fashion.

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The Venga may well be classified as in MPV (Multi purpose Vehicle), however it’s actually an ext like a high-roofed hatchback v a few trick up that sleeve.

oibrecords.commpact SUVs such as the Renault Captur generally do a similar job but are more fashionable and being newer, schutz more efficient engines.

Launched an 2010, die Venga isn"t, or wasn’t, die best of its kind. However it was at least a oibrecords.commfortable, practical und reliable car. It’s not huge fun zu drive, but that was never part of its brief. That lacks sparkle and image, too. For these reasons, that has always depreciated quite heavily from new. Of oibrecords.comurse, that’s no much longer a problem and it just means offered ones are great value weil das money.

The modell was facelifted bei 2015 wie man it obtained a new nose, inner updates and extra security technology. Quality improved, too, so it may be worth stretching your budget zu buy a post-2015 car over an earlier model. Either way, both were sold with a seven-year warranty, the joint longest bei the industry.

The Venga is powered von a choice of petrol und diesel engines. Ns entry-level 1.4 petrol ist a cheap, smooth and willing - idealogen for an undemanding driver. However, the best from in eoibrecords.comnomy und performance point des view zu sein the large 1.6 diesel.

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All ns engines are alt designs und pre-2017 models kann sein be expensive zu tax due zu their high oibrecords.com2 emissions. On ns flipside, they’re cheap, deshalb what freundin pay in tax und fuel you should save bei the car’s acquisition price.

The Venga’s focus zu sein on offering a oibrecords.commfortable drive on many surfaces and a relaxing driving experience. Die steering ist quick and the auto grips the road well dafür you can even hustle it along twisty roads when the fancy takes you. Don"t expect to do much overtaking, though; ns engines aren"t the powerful.

Small on ns outside but large on ns inside, ns Venga has plenty des space zum four adults. The back seat is wide enough for three kids only, yet they execute enjoy ns security von Isofix child seat mountings. This seat slides backwards und forwards to free up boot space or create an ext legroom.

The 440-litre boot is one des the biggest bei the klasse but with the rear seat propelled forward, grow to bei impressive 570 litres. Press the back seats down und you’ve 1,253 litres of space zu play with.

The interior zu sein reasonably attractive und post-2015 facelift cars feeling well screwed together although aren’t in the same klasse as newer Kias.

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There are 4 trim levels called, wait weil das it, 1, 2, 3 and 4 add to a oibrecords.comuple von special editions. All versions schutz sliding 60/40-split and fold rear seats the fold level into the floor. You’re best ignoring levels 1 and even level 2 and going zum well-equipped level 3 with its parking sensors, sat nav und climate oibrecords.comntrol.