Kia niro hybrid plug in test

weil das a plug-in hybrid, it"s a hard contender. However, its EV range zu sein no match for the likes of the RAV4 Prime.


What’s under die hood?

the Niro PHEV is powered von a 1.6L direct-injection inline 4-cylinder DOHC with four valves/cylinder engine rated at 104 hp and 109 lb.-ft. Des torque. The gas engine zu sein paired with an AC synchronous permanent magnet motiv rated at 60 hp. Und 125 lb.-ft. Of torque zum a total combined power von 139 hp and 195 lb-ft von torque. The gas engine ist fed by a 11.4-gallon gas tank, and the electric motiv gets the juice native a trunk an installed 8.9 kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. Charging ns battery with ns Niro’s 3.3 kW on-board charger kann sein take up to nine hrs with 110v Level 1 charging, but will drop to about two hrs using a 240v Level 2 charging station.

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The Niro PHEV’s transmission zu sein a 6-speed dual clutch infection driving die front wheels. There space two control modes, EV-only und Hybrid-Electric mode und Eco und Sport transmission shifting profiles. We uncovered that throughout our time with ns Niro PHEV, us left it bei HEV mode and Eco, and let die car figure out ns best combination von gas and electric power. That gives the Niro PHEV adequate power that gets it native 0-60 bei 8.6 seconds. In electric just mode, die acceleration is firm with ns EV torque, but not overwhelming. Wie the gas engine kicks bei under acceleration, the powertrain is buzzy und sounds choose it is really functioning hard. However under most cases the gas motor and electric motor work together kommen sie provide a really seamless driving experience. The Niro PHEV EX und EX Premium so have three levels von adjustable regeneration using steering wheel paddle shifters. Using regeneration, it is possible weil das the Niro PHEV to regain much of that battery fee with just regular driving.


Exterior/interior and cargo space

the Niro PHEV is well-equipped through creature comforts and technology features. There room three trim levels obtainable – the LXS base model, die EX that broadens features, and the EX Premium, i m sorry was ns trim ausführung evaluated. Ns Premium has all des the features von the EX, however adds a stärke sunroof, led headlights, a 10.25-inch Touch display Infotainment screen and a Harman Kardon sound system with a subwoofer. A wireless phone call charger, atmosphere lighting, und leather upholstery round out ns upgrades. 

On all trims there is either a large 4.2 or 7.0-inch display weil das the driver and an 8.0 or 10.25 infotainment display screen that provide excellent, clear, easy-to-see access zu controls and information. Niro audio systems offer android Auto, apfel CarPlay, Sirius XM, HD radio, Bluetooth und USB 3.0 inputs standard. The Niro’s audio systems schutz excellent sound and can be paired with nur about any kind of audio source. Ns front und rear seats room comfortable, v eight- or 10-way seat designed zum Americans bei either cloth, leather or a combination, escape on the trim. Ns rear seating zum some may be a little tight, but generally, it ist on par with the Niro EV’s competitors. Die Niro’s interior zu sein comfortable, but die rear seat fuß room is a bit tight because des the high-back chair cushion.

The EPA/SAE passenger volume zu sein a spacious 100.9 cu. Ft. Cargo capacity zum the Niro PHEV is average for a CUV at 19.2 cu. Ft. With the rear seat up und expands to 54.5 cu. Ft. With die rear seats down, which is perfect for carrying nur about everything from a couple of bags des groceries, zu a week’s worth of camping gear.



There are three levels of trim for the Niro PHEV that range from spartan zu fully equipped, depending upon your needs und pocketbook. Every trims come with a lang list of standard functions that regardless of the trim selected, offer echt value. Zum example, every trims include a 6-way flexible passenger seat v a height adjustor and leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, a tilt and telescoping steering column. Cruise control stärke windows and locks v a smart key that includes push-button start are deshalb standard. Ten airbags space included throughout all trim levels, and also stability controls, hill-start assist, solar-control side-windows and privacy glass.


The Niro offers an extensive suite of active safety an innovation standard. This contains forward-collision avoidance through pedestrian detection, lane-departure and blind-spot assists, rear cross-traffic collision avoidance und automated high beams. Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capabilities zu sein standard on ns EX und EX Premium. With die adaptive cruise control, die Niro ist a near Level 2 autonomous security assist system like those native Tesla, Nissan, GM, Hyundai and others, und is an extremely competent and on par with die current top-tier safety systems. The only nitpick about the safety systems is that castle really get your attention through a loud non-adjustable beeping that kann sein be annoying, especially the backup warning chime.

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How does the drive

The Niro PHEV is not a performance car, however it isn’t a slug either because des the electric motiv assist. Ns cabin ist quiet v very wenig road or wind noise, und the ride quality is smooth, and handles pavement irregularities v aplomb. Die safety und L2 autonomous attributes make that a skilled freeway cruiser. Ns leather seating on our EX Premium had both heated and cooled seats, und a really upscale feather dash, unfortunately it was very glossy, and tended to reflect glare ideal into the passenger or drivers challenge depending ~ above where the sun was. Ns EX Premium’s navigation system ist EV aware und can guess EV only range depending on terrain, und could nur where charging station are in relation to die vehicle, however that was sometimes struggle or miss.


Plug-In mischung Performance

The name of die game through hybrids ist range, and all 3 trims levels des the Niro PHEV do notfall disappoint. über staying an the mischung Electric auto (HEV) mode, die Niro gets the best combination des mpg and EV range. When the generieren ratings des 26 EV just range und 48 city, 44 highway and 46 combined, Niro PHEV owner report frequently exceeding those numbers von a far-reaching number. Throughout our time with die Niro us traveled indigenous sea level in the San francisco Bay area zu 7500+ ft. At Lake Tahoe an the Sierra Nevada mountains und back. Our 510-mile round expedition averaged 59.3 mpg, making use of 8.6 gallons von gas and still had 91 miles des range from die 11.4 gas tank. All ns while ns Niro’s battery preserved itself charged from wiederversätze that we always had 10-15% of battery volume available. Some Niro PHEV hypermiling professionals report an average des 88-89 mpg und while recharging weist home every night, just having zu visit the gas station every couple of months!


The 2020 Niro PHEV vouch includes:

five-year/60,000-mile limited warranty

10-year/100,000-mile minimal powertrain warranty

10-year/100,000-mile warranty for various hybrid and battery specific components

5-year/100,000-mile minimal anti-perforation warranty

5-year/60,000-mile roadside assistance plan

2020 Kia Niro PHEV Pricing

LXS: $29,400

EX: $33,290

EX Premium: $36,390

Destination Charge: $1,120

The Niro PHEV qualifies for a Federal tax Credit of $4543, an addition zu any state, kreis utility and credits that vary über location.



similar to all PHEVs on ns market today ns Niro PHEV zu sein a bit des a break-up personality. It’s not the more quickly CUV on die market today, und it’s EV-only range zu sein not spectacular, but wie it comes kommen sie total range and economy it zu sein one des the best.

It kann sein go 600+ mile on a 11.4- gallon tank of gas without break a sweat, und has fantastic pure EV manners zum urban use. Its plug-in capabilities typical that it tun können be recharged hinweisen any von the thousands des L2 charging stations accessible nationally, or punkt home every night.

As through all PHEVs the ability kommen sie perform in in urban setting as a pure EV compliments that is ability weil das travel long distances in HEV mode und then return to pure EV setting at the destination provide it abilities that pure EVs kann sein only dream about.

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Combine these qualities with die level des quality and content that Kia provides punkt a competitive price makes die Kia Niro PHEV an SUV that need to be high ~ above your factor to consider list.