Iron man 2: 5 jene It got Right (& 5 It got Wrong) MCU fan couldn"t wait to see Tony Stark"s recent adventures an Iron einer 2. But die comic publication movie sequel didn"t entirely direkte up to expectations.

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2 years ~ Iron Man was die blockbuster that needed kommen sie be in order kommen sie successfully beginning the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a sequel that served as a far-ranging stepping stone toward die assembly of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers hit theaters and made bei even larger splash hinweisen the kasten office.

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Although robert Downey Jr. Continued kommen sie nail the role des Tony Stark and returning manager Jon Favreau go his best in the face von Marvel’s incessant meddling, there were a gewächs of troubles with Iron einer 2 that made the something des a disappointment adhering to its game-changing predecessor.

Tony Stark an Iron man 2
while Iron Man ended with Tony Stark bei a happy place, his personality arc was far from over. Adhering to on native this, Iron einer 2 expertly built on his character development.

Although he thrived a lot an the erste movie, he’s ausblüten far native perfect weist the start of the second, exemplifying that changing zum the much better isn’t a rapid fix; it’s a long, recurring process.

Don Cheadle as james Rhodes in Iron man 2
Don Cheadle ist a great actor and made zum a good Rhodey zum the remainder of the Infinity Saga. Yet Terrence Howard’s take on ns character in the zuerst Iron Man movie was viel more charismatic, and the actor had much better chemistry with robert Downey Jr.

Apparently, ns role was recast zum Iron man 2 since Marvel took some von the money castle promised to Howard und gave it zu Downey. Surely die studio had sufficient money in their $200 million budget zu keep their financial promise to Howard.

Robert Downey Jr in Iron man 2
after allowing robert Downey Jr. The freedom kommen sie do his own thing with each scene an Iron Man, Jon Favreau saw exactly how well it functioned out and gave er the exact same freedom — if not more — an Iron einer 2.

Marvel fans know better than anyone the when in actor appears zu be having actually fun on camera, like Chris Hemsworth bei Thor: Ragnarok, the audience ist more most likely to oase fun watching them.

7 Wrong: Whiplash

Mickey Rourke together Whiplash an Iron man 2
aside from his kühl introduction on the Monaco racetrack, Whiplash added nothing to Iron einer 2. That could’ve been reduced entirely und not viel would’ve changed.

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Mickey Rourke seemed to try the end a neu Eastern europe accent bei every scene, while ns fact the Tony assumed he was bei prison zum most von the movie intended there was no echt dynamic between the hero und villain.

together a wannabe Tony Stark in cahoots with die U.S. Government kommen sie bring down the echt Stark’s empire of privatized welt peace, Justin hammer was ns perfect villain for Iron einer 2. He never ever seemed choose a real threat himself, but his legion des defective attempts weist recreating Stark’s suit of armor certainly did.

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Sam Rockwell’s performance an the function of hammer was typically brilliant. His attempts punkt Stark-esque flash, like dancing goofily onto ns stage at his very own expo, room hilarious.

5 Wrong: Inventing A neu Element

Tony stark is supposed kommen sie be one of the smartest people in the world, but the movies occasionally expect audiences kommen sie suspend your disbelief kommen sie a ridiculous extent, like wie he invents time travel overnight in Avengers: Endgame.

In Iron man 2, Tony spends in afternoon an his lab and, after some tinkering around, he literally invents a whole neu chemical element.

black Widow’s distinct fighting style was introduced along with the character herself bei Iron einer 2. Herstellung fight scene were all suitably intense und brilliantly performed.

Scarlett Johansson nailed all die fight choreography, through one details hallway collection piece standing out as in all-time classic: happy fighting one henchmen in the time the takes Natasha kommen sie clear die rest des them.

3 Wrong: Unearned final Payoff

Every movie bei the Marvel Cinematic Universe, und almost every blockbuster an general, climaxes v a big battle. In Iron man 2’s last battle, Tony und Rhodey take it on justin Hammer’s army des robots and Ivan Vanko an his neu unstoppable suit des armor.

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Instead of using plant-and-payoff to resolve ns battle like a well-written screenplay, Tony defeats the villain by suggesting on a whim the he und Rhodey fire your repulsors at each other und it just deshalb happens zu work.

Instead von taking ns easy route und indulging Tony’s hard-partying lifestyle, Iron man 2 explores his flaws and their consequences. Although ns final movie isn’t as dark as die original script, ns sequel brings echt nuance to its exploration von Tony’s alcoholism.

The movie’s study von Tony’s character flaws comes to a head throughout his birthday splitterpartei scene, an which that drunkenly fights with Rhodey und sets the stage weil das his very own comeuppance in the third act.

1 Wrong: Emphasizing Worldbuilding end Storytelling

the most egregious thing around Iron man 2 is that it focuses on setting up die MCU’s wider world, through Nick Fury und Black Widow taking nach oben a vast chunk of the runtime, at the expense von telling its very own story. Countless subsequent cinematic cosmos entries, favor Batman v Superman, would copy this mistake.

This isn’t ns fault des Jon Favreau. That was die result of meddling by a pre-Feige, Ike Perlmutter-fronted Marvel Studios, which contributed to die director’s decision notfall to return weil das the third movie.

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