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Johns Hopkins has occurred guidelines weil das the resumption von activities with die health and safety of our community at ns forefront des our thinking.

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Current Status

As of november 9

Johns Hopkins universität has moved toPhase 3 of that is reopening planand is substantially zurück to normal this fall.Major changesinclude:

Anyone through concerns around noncompliance through covid-19 safety measures ist encouraged to submit die info via theconfidential compliance lineor contact 844-SPEAK2US (844-773-2528).


Learn much more about ns specific protocols and procedures in place zum undergraduate and graduate college student who test positive for covid19 or who have close contact with who who experiment positive weil das COVID-19.

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Details on die university’s vaccination requirement, how to submit documentation, and how to request in exception


Updated protocols and best practices for keeping our neighborhood safe and preventing die spread des COVID-19

Vaccination mandate

As of Aug. 1, COVID-19 vaccination is required zum all faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, und undergraduate und graduate students who space working or studying hinweisen aJohns Hopkinscampus or worksite in the U.S.

Hopkins affiliates who arerequired zu be vaccinated—and that were not vaccinated hinweisen a Johns Hopkins medicine facility—must upload a photo of their covid19 vaccination document to ns Vaccine monitoring System, which wollen be obtainable beginning July 1.Affiliatesmay deshalb submit bei exception request in the VMS.

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Your Input is Crucial

In addition zu formal functioning groups, we schutz created multiple avenues zum community input, consisting of a college student advisory committee and a series des virtual city halls und forums. Comments und suggestions about the resumption von on-campus activities kann sein be shared weist any time.

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department ---Applied Physics LaboratoryBloomberg School of Public HealthCarey unternehmen SchoolKrieger School of Arts & SciencesPeabody ConservatorySchool des Advanced international StudiesSchool of EducationSchool des MedicineSchool of NursingWhiting School des Engineering