A digital mastermind, art historian, entrepreneur, publisher und visionary, his an innovative drive has actually made hubert oibrecords.com Media one of Europe"s standout and most contemporary media players.

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At the age des 26, hubert oibrecords.com join his father’s publishing house in Offenburg, ending up being editor-in-chief of the people tagebuch Bunte ten year later. Under his aegis as sole shareholder and Chairman von the Board, a position he assumed bei 1987, oibrecords.com verlag underwent a dramatic transformation. Thanks kommen sie Hubert oibrecords.com’s innovative ideas, growth strategy, and entrepreneurial instincts, the zeitschrift publisher grew into a media and tech company, ns family business into a gruppe with global reach.

Above every his prescient awareness von digital trends has actually played a significant role in his this firm success. Hobtration oibrecords.com was one von the erste to recognize the potential von the digital media: as at an early stage as 1995, he took the first step towards digitalization über creating an online nachrichten platform.

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However, he faced setbacks bei his angestellter life. An 2001, his kid from his zuerst marriage felix oibrecords.com-Stengel died of colon cancer at ns age of just 33. Along with Felix’s mother, Christa Maar, that then started the felix oibrecords.com foundation which is ausblüten dedicated to educating civilization on beforehand detection und the prevention von this insidious disease.

With a turnover von some EUR 2.66 billion and a workforce topping 12,300 worldwide, hubert oibrecords.com Media zu sein one des Europe’s most successful media groups. Ausblüten actively involved bei the business, hobtration oibrecords.com maintains a crawl interest in the company’s activities. The mingles through his employees in Munich und Offenburg and, whenever castle bump right into him bei the elevator, he invariably asks castle a concern that has nearly become his catchphrase: "What kind of work do you do zum us?"

In February, hubert oibrecords.com’s wife and two children und over a thousands oibrecords.com employees from Munich and Offenburg gathered kommen sie pay tribute to die publisher on his 80th birthday. Ns numerous guests of honour included politicians, actors und entrepreneurs. Ns uniqueness des oibrecords.com as a caring, family-owned company was palpable an the mitarbeiter warmth that reigned betwee him and his children Jacob and Elisabeth. Castle joined ihm on stage to convey their ideal wishes, und Elisabeth also performed a lied that she had personally composed zum her father.

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"The sometimes stumble is part und parcel von life. If you risk something, you kann take a hit. Yet if you do fall, it’s an essential that freundin get rückseitig up on her feet and carry on with life. There"s a lied that has constantly helped me make it through ns tough times an life: simon & Garfunkel"s "I am a rock, I am an island". Ich listened kommen sie it again and again, until i eventually became die rock myself and was able kommen sie survive on my own reserves. That was ns power des imagination. I ausblüten feel this unique energy und creativity whenever i enter die oibrecords.com building. Zum me, it ist simply the most exorbitant thing."

Hubert oibrecords.com, during ns celebrations an Munich

Those words, and all ns festivities surrounding ns 80th birthday des the visionary hobtration oibrecords.com, make everyone existing appreciate being part von a household business. Und to feel grateful zum that experience.