Dean Harrison (2) during the unterschied TT at die 2019 Isle of man TT. Picture courtesy Isle of man TT press Office.

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The Isle of man Government heute confirmed die cancellation des the 2021 tt Races. The next tt Races will now take place in 2022, from Saturday 28th May to Saturday 11th June.

Laurence Skelly, MHK, Minister, Department weil das Enterprise, Isle of man Government, said:

‘We do notfall underestimate the disappointment the this decision möchte cause kommen sie many people.

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However, we space making an early and logical decision to provide certainty and clarity to race fans und everyone else involved an our event. Die TT relies on thousands des volunteers and officials across a large range des organisations und we could notfall move responsibly towards operating zu that date und commit zu welcoming tens des thousands des people to the Island bei June, despite die progress towards a vaccination programme globally and on ns Island.’

‘We evaluated all feasible options consisting of moving ns TT zu a date later bei the year yet there are complexities and risks, including scaling up des certain infrastructure and critical distribution elements des the TT, and existing resident und visitor travel in late August, i m sorry would reason further disruption to thousands of people.’

‘We remain optimistic that the Classic TT und Manx großartiger Prix kann take ar later an the year and we look forward to welcoming visitors zu our island again.’

Paul Phillips, TT unternehmen Development Manager, Isle of einer Government Department zum Enterprise added:

‘Everyone affiliated with the TT ist of kurse disappointed that ns event has actually been cancelled in 2021, yet it’s a decision that has been do as beforehand as possible dafür that everyone who is impacted tun können plan accordingly. I bei der sorry weil das all die fans, riders, teams and volunteers who will fehlschlagen another year on the Island, however we as a team will be functioning hard zu make sure that we come rückseitig with in even better event an 2022.’

He continued:

‘We are really grateful for the ongoing support und loyalty shown by all our partners, also as the event’s fan worldwide, which ist a testament to the passion that people have zum the event.’

The Department will continue zu work v its partners in the direction of delivering the 2021 classic TT and Manx großartiger Prix, which are scheduled kommen sie run indigenous Saturday 21st ehrenvoll to Friday third September. A last decision on whether those events will take place möchte be made in Spring 2021.

In order zu help answer as countless questions as possible regarding ns cancellation of the 2021 Isle of einer TT Races a details FAQ section has included to the official website