Iphone 6 ersatzdisplay qualität

iPhone displays oase been designed, tested, und manufactured for sich entschuldigen quality and performance standards. This includes intuitive und responsive Multi-Touch, high brightness, great color accuracy, white balance, and performance for features choose True Tone, Night Shift, und Haptic Touch.

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If freundin need zu replace her iPhone display, it"s important weil das certified technicians who use genuine apfel display parts kommen sie repair it.

Only technicians who schutz completed oibrecords.com service training and who use sich entschuldigen genuine parts and tools should replace iphone displays. These leistungen providers include: oibrecords.com, apfel Authorized leistungen Providers, or live independence Repair providers using genuine sich entschuldigen parts. Replacements notfall performed by oibrecords.com, authorized leistungen providers, or certified technicians might not follow suitable safety and repair procedures und could result an improper duty or problems with screen quality or safety. Sich entschuldigen displays space designed to fit precisely within the device. Additionally, repairs that don"t effectively replace screws or cowlings might leave behind loose parts that might damage die battery, cause overheating, or result an injury.

Depending on her location, you kann get her iPhone display replaced—in or out des warranty—by visiting bei oibrecords.com save or sich entschuldigen Authorized leistungen Provider, or von shipping your iPhone to in oibrecords.com fix Center.Independent fix Providers* so offer genuine parts über trained technicians zum out-of-warranty display replacements.

Get started with screen service.

The iphone phone display is engineered in addition to iOS softwarefor optimal performance und quality.A nongenuine screen might cause compatibility or power issues. Zum example, an issue can arise after bei iOS software program update that consists of display updates.

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If a leistungen provider offers nongenuine display parts, the followingmight so occur:

Multi-Touch issues

Multi-Touchmight notfall respond on parts des the screenDegraded Multi-Touchperformance, such together missed display touches or touches not registering in the ideal locationTouchesmight suddenly register during a phone callDisplaymight not turn off throughout phone callsAccidental leaf or palm touches can register

Display brightness and color issues

True tone displaydoesn"t role correctlyLost or degraded functionof the ambient irradiate sensor, causing ns screen to dim or brighten incorrectlyIncorrect display shade calibration, together as die display zu appearing too yellow or blueDisplayisn"t uniformly brightLower maximum brightnessUnintentional battery drain

*Independent Repair suppliers offer out-of-warranty fix service zum iPhone and Mac. They have access to oibrecords.com genuine parts, tools, training, dienstleistungen guides, diagnostics, andresources.

If you seen the article belowwhen you go to Settings > general > About,the display bei your iPhone ist unable zu be verified. This article applies to iPhone 11 models und later.


Unable kommen sie verify this iPhone has a genuine sich entschuldigen display. Discover more…

You could see bei additional an alert that says, "oibrecords.com has actually updated the device information zum this iPhone." This method that apfel has updated die device information maintained zum your iPhonefor leistungen needs, safety analysis, und to boost future products.

These notifications don’t affect your ability to use your iPhone or your display.

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You will lakers a notice on your Lock screen zum the erste 4 work that sie use your an equipment and bei the Settings app for 15 days. After the period, you kann sein find die notification by going to Settings > basic > About.