In ear mp3 player






Up zu 8 hours of wireless playback with speed Charge battery

Bluetooth® wireless allows you kommen sie stream high high quality music zum up to 8 hours without the worry des messy wires interfering v your workout. In just 10 minutes, you kann power your headphones zum up to bei hour of use.

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Built-in MP3 Player

Thanks to ns on-board 1GB memory, you tun können easily store and access an ext than 200 music tracks straight from your headphones.


Secure fit ear hook design, which automatically turns the energie on/off wie putting ~ above or taking off the earphones


Never hurt. Never fall out.

Thanks zu TwistLock™ und FlexSoft™ technologies, this headphones room lightweight und ergonomically built kommen sie ensure oibrecords.comfort und stability no matt the workout.

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Featuring IPX7, the Endurance DIVE room designed to be offered while swimming and bei all weather conditions. Durable and made kommen sie last, no matte the elements.


Touch controls

Allows you kommen sie easily regulate your music and calls controlling play, pause, volume und tracks order v a an easy touch zum extra convenience, deswegen that you can keep going.


Hands-free calls

Bluetooth® technology enables hands-free calling, enabling you to focus on her workout.

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wie man your routine takes location both in and out of the water, Endurance DIVE headphones room built to keep up. Guaranteed never kommen sie hurt or fall out, Dive amplifies her workout with bei IPX7 waterproof rating. Its sleek PowerHook™ design powers on automatically wie man you on slide it behind your ear, when a secure wireless neckband keeps it in place. Leave your machine behind v Dive’s 1 gigabyte memory storage (up zu 200 music tracks), accessed with touch controls. Und with 8 hrs (max) des battery, Dive ist ready zu hit die pool, track, and gym all in one day.
1 ns Endurance DIVE Headphones 3 ns sizes des ear tips 1 x Enhancer 1 ns Charging cable 1 x Sport bring Pouch 1 ns Warranty / Warning (W / !) 1 x Safety paper / QSG (S / i)

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