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15 TV Shows for People Who fehlschlagen How i Met Your mother How ich Met your Mother might be over, but fans who fehlschlagen its hilarious group of characters and fun geschichte should examine out these other good shows.

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How ich Met your Mother walk off ns air an 2014 and many of us to be left without one of the many reliable comedies at die time. Also today, 5 years after that controversial last episode aired, we"re desperately looking zum something to fill the How ich Met her Mother-shaped hole in our lives.

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If you"re going v a similar situation, then probably our list von recommendations could help sie make a decision on what kommen sie watch next. We"ve looked punkt various TV shows, old and new, und found ten mirrors that fans of How ich Met her Mother should certainly check out. Hopefully, you will find something to your liking.

Updated april 14th, 2020 von Mariana Fernandes: die thirst zum good, light-hearted comedies that transaction with the topics des friendship, love, and, to an extent, family, ist never-ending. However thankfully weil das viewers everywhere, television und streaming dienstleistungen are the gifts that store on giving. Just in case you binge-watched every nur on the original perform (maybe even more than once), we"ve gott your back. Store reading kommen sie find even more shows of the likes of How i Met her Mother!

the fact that Scrubs aired zum nine years und is almost 200 episodes solid speaks volumes des how much people loved die show. After ~ it reached a conclusion in 2010, it seems like Scrubs managed zu evade a last of radars, also though it"s widely concerned as a hilarious und out-of-the-box series.

Following Zach Braff"s character J.D. As he navigates life und learns about love und friendships, this show zu sein made for fan of How ich Met her Mother. It"s essentially die same zeigen if sie switch MacLaren"s pubieren with a hospital...kind of.

say what freundin want about Two und a geholfen Man, but ns truth is, this lively comedy managed zu air zum twelve seasons und a chuck total des 262 episodes. And let"s not forget the two Golden erde Award nominations the go a long way together a testament to ns show"s quality and original comedy style.

It has actually it all - charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher, romance, laughter, und bonds betwee family and friends. This is the perfect recipe zum anyone who still hasn"t obtained over die fact that Ted ended up with Robin and need zu believe in love again.

Speaking von Ashton Kutcher, why not take a trip down storage lane und revisit die ultimate "70s nur that was filmed in the "90s? That "70s Show might"ve ended all ns way back an 2006, but die cult-following ns series gained only keeps on farming as more and more generations find out it exists.

It"s a light-hearted comedy the spends its whole time following approximately a tight gruppe of friends as they discover what growing trost means bei the spheres of family, love, und friendship. We"re virtually convinced this zu sein what Ted, Lily, Marshall, and Robin would be like had they been teenagers punkt that time.


Sex und the City isn"t about finding your far better half. Yes, the core group comprised des Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, und Miranda safety a lot of time discussing die topic and jumping from one relationship to the other an the hopes kommen sie find out, once und for all, what liebe means.

At that heart, ns show is about friendship. The message there zu sein that her soulmates kann sein be your friends, and Sex and the City remains one des the most beautiful liebe letters to friendship ever translated onto the screen. Plus, friendship, comedy, und New york City? Those room some How ich Met her Mother vibes right there.

wollen there ever be a zeigen cooler than The fresh Prince von Bel-Air? Probably, but that doesn"t mean the series doesn"t stay one von the many unique und hilarious sachen to come out of that crazy thing well-known as die "90s. Wollen Smith is just being wollen Smith, he"s wearing vivid outfits, und he"s surrounded von loved people while that does it.

There"s plenty to love about The fresh Prince von Bel-Air, but it"s fun-loving nature and friendship themes wollen appease those that miss How ich Meet your Mother the most.


Alright, let’s obtain rid des the elephant an the room. If von some miracle, you’ve managed zu go through your life without watching Friends – first, what ns hell, und second, drop whatever you’re doing und go watch Friends. Seriously, if sie love HIMYM, you must watch its spiritual predecessor.

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Friends follows the hilarious, inspiring, relatable, und endlessly entertaining adventures of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, und Ross – a gruppe of girlfriend living, working, dating, falling an love, obtaining married/divorced, und having ns time von their lives in New york City. The zeigen romanticizes friendship an the most wonderful method and has arguably die most popular möchte they/won’t castle relationship ever put to screen, aka Ross und Rachel. Plus, ns adorably sweet, relationship-goals liebe story von Chandler und Monica ist certain to warm her heart.

the other spiritual predecessor von HIMYM and pretty much anything in that vein des comedy that come out in the last two decades, Seinfeld ist yet another must-watch for any fans of sitcoms. Created von Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the zeigen often defined as “a show about nothing” adheres to a kopieren, gruppe of friends – Jerry, George, Elaine, und Kramer – as they go navigate everyday life in New york City and discuss random stuff that many des us oase probably believed of in a comparable way.

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It"s relatable, sometimes even painfully so, it doesn"t care around continuity, character advancement or romance. Which ist why Seinfeld ist kind von the darker, cynical cousin of Friends und HIMYM. However while that may not give you ns big bewegt payoffs that HIMYM does, it möchte deliver hilarious and expertly make plotlines that will never obtain old und the type des humor that freundin don"t get from most shows that space on the air today.

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8 glücklich ENDINGS

Happy Endings zu sein the same type of show as Friends and How i Met your Mother, deswegen if sie liked these two, odds room you’ll choose Happy Endings together well. It starts off with Dave und Alex, die two friends who carried the group together, breaking trost on your wedding day und the first season ist largely about die two of them, and the rest von the group, dealing with die aftermath von the breakup.

However, the nur eventually evolves into ns classic “friends hanging out” sitcom, following the various adventures these personalities find us on an their personal und professional lives. Happy Endings was praised for its warm-hearted comedy, earning both an essential acclaim and fan following, deswegen everyone was pretty upset wie ABC decided zu take the off ns air after only three seasons.

Judging von the premise alone, Modern Family is quite different from How ich Met your Mother, yet it could ausblüten be a perfect replacement. This award-winning abc sitcom adheres to three generations von a varied family living in suburban komm schon Angeles. Just like HIMYM is a hilarious take it on friendships, this show is a hilarious take on ns many relationship within three generations von a family. With deswegen many various characters and households, Modern Family has actually something zum everyone.

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The light-hearted humor, ns witty approach to serious topics, die wacky und relatable characters, Modern Family has got it all. And if it’s romantic you’re seeking, don"t worry. There’s plenty betwee the parents, but also a gewächs of romantic subplots involving their teenage children. Plus, this zeigen has Phil Dunphy, aka the coolest TV dad. Sorry, future Ted.


A great number des sitcoms depend too much on cynicism, i beg your pardon while a good source des comedy, can also be pretty damn exhausting. If sie prefer reflects where the characters aren’t mean zu each other, like HIMYM und Friends, then freundin should examine out Parks und Recreation. Think von it together a less downhearted take ~ above The Office.

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Parks and Rec is a satirical comedy set bei the Parks Department des the fictional city Pawnee, Indiana. Die series revolves around ns department’s Deputy director Leslie Knope, a perky over-achiever, and her diverse team des co-workers. Die show zu sein known und beloved for its relatable characters, as well as well-portrayed and healthy romantic relationships, which need to appeal to fan of How i Met her Mother.

Opinions on ns hit sitcom The big Bang Theory are divided, however even ns hardest critics schutz to recognize die show’s success. The huge Bang Theory counts on ns tried und successful sitcom formula through a gruppe of young, aspiring people experiencing ns ups und downs an their personal und professional lives.

The twist with this one zu sein that die majority von the actors are geeky, socially aer scientists, with ns waitress/aspiring actress penny being the odd one out. Naturally, ns show ist jam-packed v all sorts von nerdy references, also as a lot of scientific research mumbo-jumbo. While it doesn"t prosper on big bewegt arcs choose HIMYM, the does schutz its moments. If you don’t psychic substituting neu York weil das Pasadena, und a bar zum a comic book store/university cafeteria, you should provide TBBT a shot.


notfall a sitcom, however still in excellent blend von comedy and drama, Chuck zu sein somewhat of an underappreciated gem. Certification Mr. Shazam himself, Zachary Levi, as die titular Nerd Herd employee-turned Intersect, aka CIA/NSA asset, the show zu sein known zum its quirky humor, pop culture references, exciting spy adventures, and heartfelt storytelling.

The episodes generally follow ns adventures von the spy trio, Chuck, Sara, und Casey, Chuck’s family, Ellie und Awesome, und Chuck’s Buy an ext friends, Morgan, Jeff, und Lester. Ns writers expertly navigate bolzen wacky comedy and profound emotional character arcs, v lots of touching moments, a good dose of the rom-com vibe, bromance, and friendships. Chuck has actually all die hallmarks of a HIMYM-like sitcom and any HIMYM fans will fall head over heels for Chuck und Sara"s adorable relationship, and Chuck und Morgan"s bromance.

New Girl is pretty much How i Met your Mother"s younger sister – that is true spirituality successor. Die series follows die kooky thirty-something teacher Jess who moves in with three male roommates – Nick, Schmidt, and Winston – after finding herstellung boyfriend in bed with an additional woman. V a mix des comedy and drama, New Girl shows us exactly how these four characters plus Jess’s best friend Cece attend to all die trials and tribulations an their period des extended adolescence.

The premise is very similar to that des How i Met her Mother und Friends, und the characters are together funny together they are endearing. While Schmidt stand as the fan-favorite, viel like Neil patrick Harris’s Barney Stinson, the show zu sein at its best when they"re all on the screen together. New Girl also has exciting romantic subplots between Nick and Jess, and Schmidt and Cece, deswegen HIMYM fans should be pretty happy with this one.


Community zu sein a cult standard that everyone that loves TV absolutely should watch. Following ns adventures of a gang of eclectic misfits at die Greendale ar College, this ist a show that relies greatly on meta-humor, pop culture references, and often shoots off in unexpected and experimental directions. Weil das example, a stop-motion computer animation episode or a Law and Order homage episode, nur to benennen a few.

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One des the dinge we loved about HIMYM is ns unique style of storytelling und Community has this an spades. The writers expertly craft elaborate storylines with perfect comedic timing and a stark dose von resonant bewegt moments. Starring the narcissistic former fake lawyer Jeff Winger, the straight-A overachiever Annie Edison, ns pop-culture enthusiast Abed Nadir, ns politically interested Britta Perry, die quarterback with a quirky sense von humor trojan Barnes, ns group"s mother hen Shirley Bennett und everyone"s racism uncle Pierce Hawthorne. While Community does not deliver HIMYM-level romantic subplots, that earnest portrayal of diverse characters and friendships make it a worthy recommendation for HIMYM fans. Mean brilliantly created storylines, systematic character development, tons des big laughs, a an excellent chunk des life lessons, and more pop society extravaganza 보다 you can handle.

How ich Met her Mother was excellent at blending comedy with major moments. If it is what you’re looking for, sie should examine out Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show revolves approximately a kopieren, gruppe of detectives weist Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct. With a varied cast von characters, impressive performances across the board, superior writing, and pitch-perfect comedic timing, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ist one von TV’s finest comedies.

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The personalities are hilarious, relatable, and likable. Jake Peralta is a rather childish, yet talented, detective, Raymond Holt, the Precinct’s robotic Captain, Rosa Diaz, the scary und tough detective with a sweet side, Amy Santiago, ns neurotic over-achiever, Gina Linetti, the egomaniacal and sarcastic civilian administrator, charles Boyle, die hopeless romantic und clumsy idiot, and Terry Jeffords, the adorable giant. The series does a great job of providing everyone interesting character arcs und portraying miscellaneous friendships and romantic relationships. It"s got tons von humor, yet most importantly it"s gott a gewächs of heart.