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The show zu sein now rückseitig for a 5th season, but viewers are frequently wondering if die crime drama is based upon a true story.

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Fans want to known if Netflix's Money Heist ist a true storyCredit: Netflix

Is Money Heist based upon a true story?

Money Heist follows a gang of expert robbers who arrangement to rob the royal Mint of Spain in in ambitious 11 day heist.

However ns tale is a fictional story created über Alex Pina.

But, some elements from ns Netflix thriller oase been bring away from echt life.

For example the masks worn von the robbers room a direct reference kommen sie Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí und his above moustache.


The robbers distinctive disguise ist based on a ja wirklich personCredit: Netflix

According to die Express, the may oase been chosen due zu his rejection des societal norms an his work in the early 20th Century, something i beg your pardon the gang are evoking in the 21st Century.

The gangs red jumpsuits could so be a reference zu socialism and the ideals von the distribution des wealth among the people.


Money Heist concentrates on a robbery at ns Royal Mint des SpainCredit: Netflix

Did ns Royal Mint des Spain gain robbed?

The royal Mint von Spain has actually never been robbed.

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However, according zu one Quora reader, there was once a robbery.

They write: "During ns civil war, the gold reserves of the bank of Spain were relocated to die URSS an order kommen sie 'protect' them und have never been returned."

When filming Money Heist, despite die fact it ist based on die Royal Mint des Spain, die exterior des the structure used in the series zu sein instead die Spanish national Research Council.



What does la Casa juni Papel mean?

Spanish phrase la Casa außerdem Papel method ‘The House von Paper', ‘House of Paper’ and/or ‘The file House’.

Paper ist a slang term zum money, so it translates zu ‘The Money House’.

This is the location the zeigen was given in Germany, where kelle Casa de Papel ist called Haus ns Geldes or ‘House von Money’.

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