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The original The House von Cards Trilogy, a series of bbc mini-series produced in the 1990s, stars ian Richardson as Francis Urqhart (F.U. Zu his friends), die Machiavellian cook Whip des Britain’s conservative party und the most seductively cruel politician you’ve ever had the pleasure kommen sie watch nipper his means to ns top (over die corpses des his rivals).

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In House von Cards (1990), he declares zu sein on everyone that stands in way zu power, utilizing deceit, blackmail, murder, und even a lovely young journalisten (Susannah Harker) until she i do not care a liability zu him. Having reached the pinnacle of power in To Play the King(1994), that takes on bei idealistic king (Michael Kitchen) who supplies his symbolic office to curb Urqhart’s power and corrupt abuse von it. And just as he’s ready kommen sie retire through his reputation und his fortune assured, he find himself ns pawn in another political game bei The final Cut(1995), die juicy conclusion to die rocket rise und fitting fall of the most despicably fascinating political devil zu worm his way into die halls von power.

Richardson transforms to die camera zum intimate asides that make united state not nur privy zu his maneuverings, but nearly accessories to his crimes, in this ferociously pessimistic satire on die inner workings des party national politics that drips venom from every hard smile.

It was adapted indigenous the michael Dobbs novels von Andrew Davies, Britain’s premiere writer des smart, elegant tv drama in the 1990s, und presented in a series des three bbc mini-series. It originally played in the U.S. Top top Masterpiece Theatre and was adapted for American politics an the Netflix series von the same name with kevin Spacey as ns ruthlessly ambitious southern stadtrat Francis Underwood (still an F.U. Kommen sie everyone). The American ausführung kept the asides ns camera however went the own means with die premise. The original has actually a solve focus und a laser-sighted savagery und is wickedly satisfying.

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It won bei Emmy Award weil das the screenplay über Andrew Davies and a BAFTA zum Ian Richardson’s performance.

Rated TV-14

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The Blu-ray und DVD editions attribute commentary on illustration one des each series with writer Andrew Davies and star ian Richardson, in interview through Davies on the controversy in Britain over ns second series, To Play the King, und the featurette “Westminster Behind closed Doors v Tony Benn.”