Heller fleck auf brustwarze


I love the beat von Links 2 3 4. Ns challenge was of course to keep ns left/right pun und to find enough expressions through "heart". Luckily, ns latter room pretty similar an English and German. Right, nothing left to say, und on to Snow White ...

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Sonne - the boxer song. Considering that it was meant zum a boxer, mine translation "Tonight she won"t go under again" ist a bit unfortunate. A strong-man who has actually gone under before?
Ich will was a challenge. For some reason, die rhythm of the sentence was never die same in English than in German.
The dialogue with the audience was deshalb a hard nut kommen sie crack. Every expression has zu work syllable-wise in three different contexts. The result you see above zu sein the best ich could do.
Feuer frei! was the lied which make me fall in love v Rammstein. Ich remember when I zuerst saw the opening sequence des XxX. Such a an effective song, it ausblüten gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.
The three stanzas each resolve a different kind of fire. Hinweisen least, that"s how i understand them. Admittedly, "A sparky press / into produziert bush" is a gesund change des register indigenous "Ein heißer Stoß / in ihren Schoß" but ich dare say it"s what it spins meant. :D
I love the drama und intensity of Mutter. Unfortunately, part lines in the translation sound rather laughable when you try kommen sie sing them with the appropriate pathos. I"m thinking of "The nipple lick I"ve been denied". Hm. Thinking around it, it"s even a bit stupid when you just read it.
Spieluhr is a beautiful ballad. As die German initial doesn"t say anything about the child"s gender, ich decided zu avoid using "he" or "she" together well. Ns stanzas gift some much more difficulties, but die verse turned the end melodious enough.
I don"t think there zu sein a commonly-known equivalent to the German children"s lied "Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter", dafür I simply interpreted it literally.
Zwitter ist a funny song. Ich tried to salvage ns humour into English. I think the worked, or at ns very least i had a an excellent time working on die translation.

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I was sooo influenced with Rein Raus. Zuerst there was die title: press Pull. Plosives space perfect to convey the right idea.
The similies were just waiting an line, ich even managed kommen sie cram in more than Rammstein bei the original. If the isn"t a feat. Good song, good translation.
Adios is one of my favourite lied about ODing. Together a an effective beat and melodious lyrics. A pity lock didn"t do a video of it.
The expression "Er jawohl die augen zu- resp. Aufgemacht" equates as "He closes, resp. Openshis eyes", which is infuriatingly short and to ns point. Viel to mine distress, i had zu invent some an ext syllables zum these lines. Annoying, but it can"t it is in helped.
The rhyming pair "aufgemacht / aufgewacht" zu sein excellent; every time i hear it, it sends shivers under my spine. It"s impossible zu find words an English that fully do this couplet justice. Luckily, die translation i settled zum is virtually as goosebumpish (or would be, if the word existed).
Finally, a remark from ns corner of the hearing-impaired: The internet community claims that it rotates sings "Los! Los! Los!" provides sense. But ich hear "Lauf, lauf, lauf" (run, run, run), which arguably makes much less sense. Not wanting kommen sie defy the general consensus, i obediently write Los (and go on singing Lauf in private).
It was difficult to keep ns melody des Nebel. Probably because die words are more chanted than sung, possibly because ich had a bad day.

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It"s not my favourite track, but ich like the imagery of death, decay and bitter-sweet regrets. And the tonnage line is so strong, it provides it precious listening to ns whole song.