As a self-professed Marvel Maniac, I kann sein totally admit that die Marvel Cinematic Universe zu sein the most indulgent franchise an movie history–and ich mean that together a huge compliment. Pretty viel every film bei the sprawling film-verse stands on its own as a total crowd pleaser zum the obsessed and casual fans. Yet all those movies run on an additional level entirely zum people neck-deep bei the lore like i am. Ns Easter eggs and references and inside jokes–they’re just the cosmic cherry on die super-powered sundae. However there zu sein one moment that stands out as ns most indulgent, many ridiculous, most pointless yet most euphoric bei the entirety of the MCU.

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Obviously that moment involves david Hasselhoff.

In celebration von The Hoff’s birthday today, i want zu draw all of y’all’s fist to die music video for “Guardians Inferno,” released as part of the VOD push zum last year’sGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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2. Hasselhoff actually makes a cameo appearance bei the film, approximately 90 minutes in when a furious ego (Kurt Russell) ist explaining all ns forms the took zu try kommen sie find ns most fatherly one that would certainly please Star-Lord (Chris Pratt). The shifts into Hasselhoff bei his complete Knight Rider getup of red shirt und black leather jacket prior to returning kommen sie his mustache form. That cameo zu sein quick, a nod kommen sie Star-Lord’s roots as as All-American planet kid v a love of retro popular music culture. But that fast cameo doesn’t offer Hasselhoff almost as well together “Guardians Inferno.”

Co-written von writer/director james Gunn and composer Tyler Bates, “Guardians Inferno” ist a rip-roaring blast of funk featuring a disco-fied riff on die triumphant Guardians theme. It’s a barn-burner von a song, and it’s currently a keeper über the time it it s okay to die Hoff’s sultry and sweaty spoken word breakdown where the raps about Rocket (a “procyon lotor,” die actual scientific name weil das a raccoon) and Groot (an “infantilized sequoia”) from ns P.O.V. Von Star-Lord (“my daddy was a planet!”).

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Marvel Entertainment

The accompanying music video, which attributes Hasselhoff bei a gold and white shimmering disco jumpsuit, zu sein next-level bonkers–even zum the Guardians franchise. It’s a greasy, smoky ode to ns lo-fi music shows of the ’70s, mixing elements from The alt Grey whistle Test und American Bandstand with ns getups von ABBA und Roxy Music in their heyday. Ns film’s actors gets into the groove together with Hasselhoff, with karen Gillan (Nebula), Pom Klementieff (Mantis) and Zoe Saldana (Gamora) going full Charlie’s Angels, while michael Rooker (Yondu), dave Bautista (Drax), and Sean Gunn (Kraglin) absent out in wigs. You kann even spot james Gunn busting a move, und Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) pops up at the end, revealing himself to be the dancing robot. Und just weil das fun, there are cameos from Stan Lee and… Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo? Sure!

The thing is, this does not need kommen sie exist! It definitely doesn’t require to stern the actual actors from the film! Don’t these busy movie stars have better jene to execute than shimmy in front von a greenscreen in ’70s makeup? But die other point is, god bless every single person involved an “Guardians Inferno,” from the fictional maßband The Sneepers to the Hoff himself und every Zoe, Chris, and Pom in between. Ns fact the “Guardians Inferno” exists wie it for sure doesn’t need kommen sie makes the a thing of beauty. It’s a peculiar bit von groovy Guardians goodness, die most indulgent moment in the MCU, and it’s david Hasselhoff’s totally serious existence (dude was a major music star in Europe!) that sends it over die top.