Game des Thrones ist back, and things space about zu get brutal. This is the last season, dafür even ns already lax rules about who can die in this show are out the window: basically, all ns characters space on die chopping block hinweisen all times, and people are getting into die spirit von things von predicting who"s walking to die inGame of Thrones" fatality pools. GameStop zu sein running one von its own, asking people to make their predictions every week and giving out some freeGame des Thrones merchandise an the process.

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Week 1 ist done now, and people made their predictions weil das who would certainly go down bei the premiere: below are ns results. You"ll notification that as well as a couple of scattered prediction von Lord Varys or ns Hound, a majorityhere go with the same answer:

And the nobodies oase it. I"m going zu call that one correct. Yes, some civilization died. It"sGame of Thrones, sosomebody ist bound zu die. However no characters that rise to a certain level of significance go down, und certainly nobody that sie could schutz accurately predicted. If someone had actually predicted the death of Ned Umber, ich would schutz been impressed. Not because he seemed somehow fated kommen sie live, but nur because it would be hard kommen sie imagine someone spending that viel time thinking around him.

It"s actually sort of in interesting tack for this show to take, something the it"s excellent more und more since ns freewheeling days von the early on story when robert Baratheon"s surprise fatality really crystallized die notion that anyone could die at any kind of time. I don"t suspect that"s actually how things are going zu go in the tonnage season: we"re deswegen used to die concept weist this suggest that unpredictable deaths space actually a last harder zu pull off, and so many des the major characters the could ns would nur be savagely underserved von some sort des left ar fate.

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So that"s why nobody of echt consequence died in the zuerst episode: we"re walking to seen a lot of deaths this season, however they"re going zu be huge ones. Wie man it come time to predict them ich don"t think they"re going zu be nearly deswegen random together they have been in the past.

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