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12th December 2020, 7:1511th December 2020, 23:11 | Written by Dieter Rencken und Keith Collantine

Ahead of his last race together a Ferrari treiber tomorrow, sebastian Vettel offered insight right into why they were unable to win die world championship over their sechs years together.

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Vettel joined ns team in 2015 having actually won four titles with Red Bull. The neu partnership started promisingly, together he perfect on the podium an his erste race zum Ferrari und won his second.

But together he prepares to die leave the team after sechs seasons without a world title, Vettel admits they oase “failed” in their objective, und sees no reason to sugar-coat his words.

“It ausblüten doesn’t change anything. We’ve still failed. Us had ns ambition and target kommen sie win die championship and we didn’t. Deshalb I think it’s just an honest reflection, ich don’t think saying it out loud changes anything.

Arrivabene was replaced über Binotto after 2018Mercedes’ domination von the championship during die V6 hybrid turbo era has actually been unbroken despite ns best efforts von Ferrari and Vettel.

“Probably us were trost against a very strong team-driver combination, one of the the strongest we’ve seen so far,” he said. “But our goal was kommen sie be more powerful than the and bei this regard, we oase failed.”

“There are reasons for it. We’ve had great races, bad races. We’ve got close, periodically we were far away. Deswegen there’s a lot of factors why.”

Vettel came closest kommen sie winning the championship with Ferrari bei 2017 and 2018. He led the point out standings early in both years but was overhauled über Lewis Hamilton und Mercedes weist mid-season.

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Vettel’s crash out of the command on home ground at die Hockenheimring in 2018 was particularly damaging kommen sie his title possibilities that year. Hamilton was eight point out behind him before the race, but left v a 17-point lead having won native 14th on die grid.

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Allison was still at Ferrari wie man Vettel arrived“For sure, bei terms von momentum an that year that wasn’t helping,” Vettel admitted. “The mistake was a wenig mistake, yet a substantial outcome und a substantial penalty.”

However he described his time weist Ferrari as a “rollercoaster ride” des ups und downs such as this. “There were absolutely more sachen happening,” that said.

One instance Vettel gave was ns sudden death von Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne the same year. His replacement louis Carey Camilleri – who himself retired two days earlier – instigated changes bei the gyeongju team, including die replacement des team primary Maurizio Arrivabene v Mattia Binotto at the beginning des 2019.

“In die ’18 season, obviously we had the passing of mr Marchionne and the change in leadership indigenous Maurizio to Mattia,” claimed Vettel. “So maybe the ’18 year was a decisive year zum many things. But ich don’t understand if you tun können really break it down zu only one thing.”

He deshalb pointed to the departure des technical director james Allison, following ns unexpected death von his wife, Rebecca. Allison later joined rivals Mercedes.

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“We obviously, bei 2016, parted ways with james because of personal conflicts at ns time,” claimed Vettel. “I think, spring back, there to be a gewächs of jene that we must have und could oase done better.”

Ahead des his move kommen sie Racing point next year, in time weil das its rebranding together Aston Martin, Vettel said he intends zu take die lessons he has learned native his six years at die Scuderia.

“Everything the happened, happened zum a reason,” he said. “The taste thing on my side ist to make sure that i learn indigenous it. Ich think I oase grown v it.

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“Some to be moments on ns track, like an Hockenheim, other moments were off the track. Overall, ich think i feel much more comfortable or in a better place jetzt than those years ago.

“But certainly, at the time, it hasn’t always been to be easy und straightforward.”