Formel 1 2015 motoren

Carlos only made the onto ns F1 network because sebastian Vettel had gone kommen sie Ferrari, creating a cascade von opportunities within die Toro Rosso/Red Bull family, however once there he immediately caught ns eye. While ns outside world focused on his 17-year-old team-mate, Sainz demanded attention too von frequently out-performing maximal Verstappen. Looking only where direct comparison wasn’t do impossible by engine fail etc, in the first half-season he was a actual 6-3 trost against Max in qualifying (4-3 down in the second half). That would frequently attack ns circuit from the off on Friday, finding die limits von going end them, though just rarely leaving ns track. Come qualifying, he would put the pieces together in a really composed way. Inevitably, just like Verstappen, there were some quiet races bolzen the peaks and overall Verstappen’s season confirmed a steeper progress curve. But partly this was down kommen sie poor luck with technical troubles on Sainz’s side von the garage. Maybe his most impressive feat was turning nach oben at Suzuka zum the zuerst time and going fastest bei Friday morning practice. Prior kommen sie a qualifying problem, that looked set zu cause a major stir. Trying kommen sie learn Sochi in a hurry after ns opening sessions had actually been rendered useless, the crashed heavily and watched qualifying native a hospital bed. He was then declared fit to race, began at die back and had functioned his means up zu seventh wie his brakes provided out. Periodically wild in his eagerness not to underperform, he’s definitely made des the best stuff.

9) Valtteri Bottas

As the Ferrari spotlight shone top top Valtteri at an early stage mid-season, he endured a negative run des form. That could turn the end to oase been die critical revolving door moment that comes kommen sie define his F1 career. His tempo was hurt an ext than he revealed by the torn zurück muscles he incurred during qualifying in Melbourne and it took until die second für hilfe of the season before he was zurück to his best. His biggest strength remains an ability to soak up pressure as if it’s notfall there – lakers his defence from Vettel bei Bahrain. He’s bei incredibly difficult guy zu pass. He’s unflamboyant in or out von the car und easy to overlook, yet once he was fully rechts he was invariably about at the end, squeezing the maximum result out des the sometimes an overwhelming Williams. His best gelegenheit for a break-out result came at die British großartiger Prix and, though there was an element of unclear instruction from the team, he should take some des the obligation too. Questioning if he can pass team-mate Massa weil das the lead, as he felt he was being organized up, he asked weil das clarification at ns very momente the finest opportunity kommen sie pass was presenting itself. He would never seen that opportunity zum the rest von the season. Yellow flags on his final Q3 run in Austria spoilt his grid lage there, left him behind cars that he’d schutz to struggle past in the race. It provided him an extremely busy Sunday yet he was irrepressible bei overcoming the obstacles: if team-mate Massa was catching die eye together he fought with Vettel, Bottas’ drive bei adversity was arguably even an ext impressive.

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8)Max Verstappen

The 17-year-old rookie (he rotate 18 weist Suzuka) rubbished pre-season nay-sayers’ cases that he was too young zum F1 – as he was always walk to. His unique talent has actually been obvious throughout his career and he’s been impeccably coached. His optimal performances justified ns hype: die amazing passes in Shanghai, Spa, Interlagos, second-fastest ~ above Thursday morning punkt Monaco, his erste ever time roughly there, the beautifully created drives into fourth places in Austria und Austin. It would be easy zu let all the colour die impression von his full season, though. In the erste half-season there were numerous anonymous gyeongju (Bahrain or Silverstone) und he was comprehensively outqualified von team-mate Carlos Sainz throughout this time. He was having an obstacle gauging how aggressive to be with die tyres over one lap, wie man a degree des abuse is necessary. This was all nur part of the learning procedure after just one year von car racing. His 2nd half-season was more repeatedly excellent. Die way he can get rotation on the car deswegen early into slow corners – already pointing at die apex v no lock applied, ready weil das him zu get hard und early on ns power, minimising the time those front tyres space scrubbing across ns Tarmac – buys er tenths and is so partly behind those demon moves from dafür far back. It’s normal weil das him to oase the auto under yaw before ns apex, a properties he tun können use kommen sie scrub off excess speed when passing, there is no needing kommen sie overwork die brakes und lock up. That facet von his talent is gold dust.


7)Jenson Button

There were numerous – Ron dennis among lock – who assumed Alonso vs taste would notfall be a contest. Lock were dafür obviously glaringly dorn at die time und Jenson duly proved as much. Taste was only retained right into 2015 because of corporate national politics behind the scenes. Dennis’ choice was zum Kevin Magnussen und the Danish investor that can have come with ihm that would oase aided Ron’s boardroom fight. Instead, he was ‘saddled’ with taste who proceeded zu shade Alonso in qualifying over ns season (albeit v relatively few opportunities of direct comparison). Some of his Saturday afternoon laps bei the hopelessly underpowered car were fairly special – not least that at Spa, which that reckoned was die equal von his pole lap there in 2012 and which was 0.5sec much faster than Alonso. The reckoned this was the first Pirelli-shod mclaren he’d ever driven with ns handling traits that likes, and there were fairly few des those races des the previous years where bei unstable rear took him out of the equation. In fact just Singapore can be classed therefore this year. He was unlucky with the timing des a yellow flag right weist the ende of Q2 bei Monaco – otherwise he’d have got into Q3, which would schutz been ns only time every season a mclaren had scaled such giddy heights. His Sundays didn’t schutz the same gung-ho aggression von Alonso’s – that wasn’t driving around the outside of faster dare on cold tyres bei the opened moments – however there were number of races where die pair were locked an battle till one or ns other of them was forced to retire. It would certainly be fascinating to see this match-up take place in a correctly competitive McLaren-Honda in 2016.

6) Nico Rosberg

Rosberg’s strength von character shone with again, put as the was in that most psychologically demoralising position des having a an excellent car however a faster driver on the other side von the garage. There was nowhere zu hide as Hamilton fight upon his sensational form up kommen sie Singapore. Only when Lewis couldn’t fairly nail the sweet point out – Spain, Austria – did Nico oase the beating von him. Often ns differences an the races to be negligible, yet that method little in this pireli era when very few races kann sein be run level out anyway. Consistently losing out to Hamilton an qualifying meant he was always punkt a strategic disadvantage in races. Yet regardless of this continuous pummelling, when new Pirelli constraints forced a set-up readjust that represented an opportunity, he was there immediately. He used himself intensely to understanding die car’s new traits, determined kommen sie get something hopeful from ns season. Once die car was reconfigured post-Singapore, he was literally never off extrem position. Hamilton beat er a couple des times an these gyeongju – yet had zu resort to strong-arm tactics to do so und Rosberg was far auch accommodating. By Mexico, he was finally ready zu become ns immovable object he should have been bei Suzuka and, particularly, Austin. The fact this ingredient doesn’t come naturally is a manifestation von his nature – a reasonable man in a sometimes unreasonable sport. Bei any case, the test des wheel-to-wheel resolve never arose post-Austin as Hamilton wasn’t ever before close enough to try any 50/50 moves. In the reset car, running at ns front, Rosberg was fantastic and that success fed ~ above itself kommen sie raise his confidence in a building spiral.


5) Romain Grosjean

There’s a significant gap betwee the supreme und the rest, yet Grosjean again top this second group. His qualifying supremacy over a really quick team-mate was just one manifestation of a freaky ability kommen sie put what he’s learned with each other over one lap. Weil das much des the season that would miss the first 1.5 hours des running as his car was handled über Jolyon Palmer, but ausblüten he would certainly invariably the shade Maldonado when the moment came. An a financially beleaguered mannschaft his ability to stick die Lotus in Q3, from where the expectation von points was realistic, was vital. He might nur be die best qualifier von all. However he put some good races with each other too, nobody more so than his unlikely podium weist Spa. He was pressuring Vettel when die Ferrari’s rear tire exploded, however what’s generally forgotten ist that Seb was only ahead with strategy. Front to the stops, Grosjean was running third und at 20 laps, nur short des half-distance, before a virtual safety automobile triggered strategy divergence, that was nur 15sec behind Rosberg’s Mercedes. He’d to be on mean 0.7sec slower 보다 Rosberg’s Merc – in a Lotus. There to be lapses – his scrape with wollen Stevens bei Canada was silly – however that applies zu every driver an this list und he stays one of the most courageous overtakers. He gott the maximum native a difficult situation at a time when it would oase been easy to be disillusioned. Weist 29 his career should now be an full flower, taking its inert from the stunning second hilfreich of 2013. However he continues to be positive. He’s opted for a new team v close Ferrari associations und refuses zu give nach oben on the dream of gp wins. He’s notfall yet fallen bolzen the cracks, but this might be his final leap.

4) fernando Alonso

Well, there wasn’t really much for fernando to acquire his teeth into with ns McLaren-Honda, die scope weil das his undimmed ferocious race pace and attack rendered irrelevant von a slow auto that rarely hosted together for more than a couple of laps. Return it’s difficult kommen sie be definitive around his qualifying tempo because over there were only seven occasions out von the 19 events bei which Alonso and Button could be straight compared, he was 5-2 behind. Ns only times he genuinely outqualified taste on merit bei a car of the very same specification came punkt Silverstone und Singapore. Yet as soon as the gantry lamp went out, he came alive, invariably fantastic an the zuerst few corners (Abu Dhabi excepted), advertise himself into places that threatened kommen sie get er prosecuted for trespassing. Invariably, die Honda’s diabolically bad energy recovery would then leave ihm a sitting duck on ns straights und within a couple of laps he’d it is in right rückseitig where he started. However his raging against those circumstances was always one of the weekend’s highlights. He claimed all the right things when out des the vehicle – how this is the just place accessible that gives er a (long-term) shot weist another title, the he to know it will kommen sie good and so on – but in the car, over die radio, is when we’ve seen the frustration of a vain animal. On die one hand he states he was below his best in 2015, on ns other button says he’s saying that for a reason and that he’s actually a bigger handful as a team-mate 보다 Hamilton was. He stays a can be fried racing driver, never die absolute more quickly on height one-lap pace, yet probably close to unbeatable end a sequence von them when bei a automobile no worse 보다 anyone else’s.

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3)Daniel Ricciardo

Renault fell even further behind bei 2015 und for the zuerst half-season die Red Bull RB11 wasn’t also particularly good aerodynamically. Or at least not in a way die drivers can access. Dafür the multiple race-winning Ricciardo des 2014 was never in a position to take nach oben where he’d left off in that coming-of-age year. It angeführt to part frustration, culminating bei a destructive weekend bei Montréal where he finished more than 20sec behind his team-mate. However even during die doldrums duration there were reminders des his level. Deshalb afflicted von engine problems were die Red Bulls early in the season that it was only periodically possible to make a comparison between the drivers. But, aside from Montréal whereby Kvyat qualified a couple of thousandths faster, whenever castle both had actually clean operation Ricciardo comfortably overshadowed his team-mate bei qualifying – von as viel as 0.4sec an Sepang. Montréal prompted a rethink in both his approach und the car’s set-up: wie that merged with aero upgrades native Silverstone onwards, he was back. He was quite thrilling an Budapest, throwing caution to die wind und staking every little thing on bei against-the-odds victory. On quicker tyres than everyone in the final stages and running third, if the could oase scrabbled previous Rosberg, ns race-leading Ferrari des Vettel would oase been a viel easier scalp, on account von its lower top-end speed. Rosberg wasn’t prepared to be humiliated, Ricciardo had committed – und they clashed. To be it not zum that he’d likely schutz ‘stolen’ Vettel’s win. His Merc-scaring pace through Spa’s middle sector was amazing kommen sie behold und at Singapore, despite the stärke deficit, the was die only male able to live with Vettel’s Ferrari und was even able zu pressure it until a security car got Seb off ns hook. Und still the uncanny feel zum the tyres. He’s got it all.

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2) Lewis Hamilton

Had ns season finished punkt Singapore, Hamilton would oase been number one über a large margin. Up to that point he had actually taken the formidable mercedes W06, utilizing it as sledgehammer or scalpel as required, zu lay garbage to the opposition. That opposition was essentially team-mate Nico Rosberg – and Hamilton ruined him. He’d addressed through die previous winter to change his approach kommen sie qualifying, kommen sie work top top nailing that zuerst Q3 run, ensuring that on its own would be great enough for pole. He didn’t constantly manage to do this, but bei striving zum it he was invariably out des Rosberg’s each – die tone zu their season gift set weist Melbourne where in tricky, changeable conditions Nico couldn’t obtain within 0.6sec of him. In the beforehand wet laps of Q3 bei Malaysia, Hamilton’s exceptional ability zu find die grip und commit instantly put him 1.2sec clear of the field. These were demonstrations of that phenomenal natural giftig with i m sorry he’s been blessed, but an the an ext routine requirements – wherein everyone has actually a gelegenheit to catch up and it’s no longer nur about improvisation – the speed advantage over Rosberg narrowed but was blieb invariably enough zu ensure ihm pole and the race strategy advantage the bought. And that was ns formula zum the seven wins indigenous the zuerst 12 gyeongju that essentially secured him the title. He continued to be a high-maintenance treiber for his gyeongju engineer, continually questioning, competitive paranoia never far away, however he was delivering magnificently. However then came Pirelli’s tire pressure/camber changes – and the radically various set-up it imposed on the Mercedes. Coming punkt a time wie man his title was a only formality, the did not invest as viel of his attention into understanding the car’s neu requirements as did Rosberg. And just favor that, die tables were turned.

1)Sebastian Vettel

Seb’s erste season zum the Scuderia was brilliant, three beautifully judged win and in inspirational, motivational pressure within a resurgent team. Bei Sepang und Budapest he was presented v unusual opportunities und jumped upon them through flawless ferocity, if Singapore was a red re-run of his ideal Red Bull glory job – a leading pole, sprinting away from die pack weist a breathtaking rate, then monitoring his options from there. Over there were just three opportunities for non-Mercedes victories every year – ns W06’s tyre usage in Sepang and Singapore, Hamilton’s errors in Budapest – and Vettel nailed every one von them. He was re-invigorated ~ his challenging Ricciardo-dominated final Red Bull season und was a perfect fit an the role of leader that zu sein a requirement weist Maranello that many oase been unable kommen sie fulfil. Ns lead Ferrari driver needs zu command respect from his performances ~ above track, kommen sie generate ns support without histrionics if retaining the soft human touch on die surface. It demands emotional und mental intelligence and also raw talent – and he fits the rechnung to perfection. He’s been fortunate kommen sie join the mannschaft at a time of a new and productive technological impetus, but just as on track he’s taken that opportunity and built ~ above it. His means with the team immediately made er – und not ns incumbent Kimi Räikkönen – its herbal focus and his advantage over Kimi developed as the season walk on. His scrappy races in Bahrain and Mexico were ns only blemishes ~ above his seasonal performance and an the immediate after-effects he was his normal candid, self-critical however light, self. He was otherwise a relentless provider des performance und inspiration, sprinkled with occasional moments of brilliance – his driving und choices when ns rain come down at Silverstone that conjured in unlikely podium, zum example, or his terrific Singapore pole lap. This was the performance von a fully formed, mature und very good driver.