How kommen sie make die German, Chinese, southern Korean and Japanese national teams playable in Football manager 2019.

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As with formerly installments des Football Manager, FM19 has specific files that möchte prevent sie from regulating certain national teams und from current ja wirklich players showing up an their rosters due to licensing issues. The national teams with die problem: GermanyChinaSouth KoreaJapan

How to fix

Fixing this ist relatively simple.Go to: WindowsProgram records (x86) steam steamapps common Football direktors 2019 dünn database db 1910 lnc allMac > library > Application assistance > steam > steamapps >common > Football direktors 2019 > dünn > database > db > 1910 > lnc > allHere you will find 3 or an ext files:fake.lnclic_dan_swe_fra.lncnleague.lnc.Simply delete these 3 files und create a neu savegame, or wait until die next time international squads room announced on your existing savegame.
Note: If your saved game was started before die 19.1.0 patch, you need zu repeat die steps above to die 1901 folder together well.
Here ist the complete list des what is unlocked über deleting them: national teams des Germany, China, south Korea and Japan become playable.Enable player pics for national teams des The Netherlands und France.Fix ja wirklich name von Oliver Kahn (he"s with nickname jens Mustermann).Fix names zum various Danish, Swedish und French competitions.Restore ja wirklich players zum the team Albirex Niigata (Singapore).Fix colors und names for various clubs, stadiums, cities bei Asian countries.Enjoy
Football manager 2019 real Names Licence FixOur exclusive FM 2019 ja wirklich Names license Fix update competitions, clubs and awards with their real names, but also fixes the problems with die aforementioned national teams.

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Can anyone check if this has worked an the beta please together I"ve done everything i have read und know from previous fm series and it"s not working?