Fatboy slim - praise you

Although on ns surface die title des this lied reads choose it may be religious an nature, such ist not ns case. Rather, ns lyrics kommen sie off as if the vocalist ist instead ‘praising’ a lover.

Or as an ext explicitly stated, die addressee zu sein someone whom he has been “through die hard times und the good” with. Moreover, they schutz apparently to be together zum “a long, long” time or if not have blieb shared some profound, steady experiences.

So die implication zu sein that ns singer would not oase made that this far an life without the support of this individual. Or if nothing else ns addressee has actually been des great assistance, beyond die realm des standard romantic or friendship. And that is why die vocalist ist compelled kommen sie “celebrate” und “praise” this person.

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“Praise You” Facts

Artist(s): Fatboy SlimAlbum/EP:“You’ve come a lang Way, Baby”

Credits and Release day

“Praise You” was the 3rd einzel from Fatboy’s studio project über the location “You’ve kommen sie a lang Way, Baby”. The officially come out thus on january 4th, 1999.

In regards to die song’s composition, this was done über Slim und Camille Yarbrough. Slim deshalb produced the song himself.

Honors of “Praise You”

In the year 2000, the das lied was nominated weil das the award, “Best dance Recording”. Ns award was eventually won von Cher’s “Believe”. The following lied were so nominated for that award:

Chart Performance

US – 36UK – 1Scotland – 1Ireland – 6Iceland – 1Hungary – 10Canada – 4Belgium – 2


The Belligerents – 2015Hannah grace – 2018

Movie appearance

“Praise You” was a soundtrack to “Cruel Intentions”, a 1999 romantic teen dramatisch directed by Roger Kumble.

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“You’ve kommen sie a lang Way, Baby”

Renowned UK musician Fatboy Slim releasedPraise Youas ns third einzel fromYou’ve come a long Way, Baby,his second studio album.

The album was a project des British producer Norman Cook und was released an the UK on October 19, 1998, v Skint Records. Koch worked on the recording und producing punkt a studio in his residence an Brighton. He did the work using just in Atari ST computer system with creator software und floppy disks on i beg your pardon he tape-recorded beats.

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You’ve kommen sie a lang Way provided a global breakthrough zum Cook und other musician on ns album prefer Fatboy Slim, Winifred Terry, and Sam Brox. The topped the new Zealand Albums (RMNZ), Scottish Albums (OCC), UK Albums Chart and peaked weist number 34 ~ above Billboard’s 200 charts.

In addition, singles from the album, Right Here, ideal Now, praise You, und Gangster Tripping ranked bei the oberteil ten des the UK’s Singles Chart. 

The album was honored with bei award at die 1999 Brit Award. It obtained multiple platinum certifications from the United Kingdom (BPI), vereinigte staaten (RIAA), Australia (ARIA), und New new zealand (RMNZ). In addition, it so received gelb certification in the complying with countries, japan (RIAJ), Netherlands (NVPI), und Switzerland (IFP). It has actually recorded over 5 million an sales due to the fact that its erste release in the UK.