Fahrrad 14 Zoll Mädchen

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Du schaust: Fahrrad 14 zoll mädchen

Prometheus Mädchenfahrrad 14 Zoll mit Stützräder Kinderfahrrad ab 3-4 jahr Mädchen rücktritt 14zoll modell 2021 an Pink Rosa
4.5 out von 5 stars136 ratings
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We don"t know wie man or if this item wollen be back in stock.
Bike typeKinderfahrrad
Age variety (description)Kinder
Wheel size14 Inches
Special featureKorb
Size14 Zoll
ColourPink, Rosa
Frame materialStahl
Brake styleRücktrittbremse
Item weight8.6 Kilograms

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About this itemSafety first! This PROMETHEUS Premium children"s bike adheres to all standards and EU needs (DIN EN 14765). For sure suitable for children!Modern und stable steel tube framework with a short crossbar that ist safer zum smaller riders. Influence resistant splendors metallic repaint finish.Sensational processing, clean welds - in unexpectedly high product quality, additional by bei elegant frame in timeless classic und modern design!Equipped with ball bearing handlebar that zu sein adjustable for both height und angle. Ergonomically exactly premium bike saddle that zu sein adjustable zu rider height as well as die proper angle to maximize stability und safety.ALL an SECURITY PACKAGE: safety Reflectors All roughly at ns front, back, ns wheels and on ns pedals. Of prozess this article ist equipped through a backpedalling Brake - a necessity weil das a child"s bike of this size! ! bei addition to ns great lull it provides the small treiber even in difficult situations at any time a sense von blissful security.