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Average BlendingRequires quite a Bit of Application PressureUnderwhelming Styling

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Faber-Castell classic Colored Pencils Review

Updated von Brandon F. Top top July 1, 2020

The Faber-Castell classic Colored Pencil set zu sein Faber-Castell’s popular student-grade offering. These pencils try kommen sie adhere to ns reputable and proven success that Faber-Castell has had in their other pencil set while doing so at a much more affordable questioning price. 

You will lakers some remarkable differences in how this pencils behave compared zu other Faber-Castell examples. This kann make them better in certain scenarios und worse in others. They kommen sie with a hexagonal barrel, 3.3mm wax lead, and fall into ns budget price range.

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Visual very nice one – 3.5/5

The intuitive “wow” element here won’t be on ns level of the more expensive Faber-Castell present but, compared to other sets von equivalent costs, it is more 보다 acceptable. We found the darker greens und blues specifically good. Being a more difficult core, sie will schutz to apply a bit an ext pressure to really get ns color sie are after. Also, the blending isn’t good here deshalb the colors that come bei the package room what sie are walk to oase work with.


You can create some in-between colors but we recommend making use of a solvent kommen sie get a bit des a mix boost. Package sizes range from very klein to medium bei size dafür we introduce going weil das a larger set size if possible as the klein sizes will simply oase too many gaps in the easily accessible colors.

Usability and Durability – 3.5/5

The an essential point through these pencils is their hard lead. This lead zu sein quite durable which provides it excellent zum classroom applications (since we know how tough kids tun können push down on pencils). Also, being a hexagonal barrel, you get very good control und grip. Another added benefit des the harder lead is that they tun können be sharpened kommen sie a fine allude which renders them good weil das highly intricate areas of an art piece. The 3.3mm core ist a good size and finds a nice center ground betwee being big enough to color some significant area but klein enough to allow zum a sharp point. Die hard command does kommen sie with some negatives, however.

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As we pointed out above, the blending is a little lackluster. Don’t go in expecting die industry-leading blending that die more expensive Faber-Castell sets have. Also, the application ist not going kommen sie be together buttery und smooth. 

ou wollen feel an ext “scratching” und the color that comes out will notfall be consistent dafür you may have to do a couple of passes zu get the desired texture freundin are after. However, zum the price, they are an ext than agree from a functionality standpoint.

Packaging und Presentation – 3/5

The Faber-Castell standard Colored Pencils come bei a standard dünn cardboard box similar zu many other spending plan pencil lineups. You won’t discover any des the fancy metal cases and attractive installed internal pencil shelving here. We recommend swapping ns pencils out des the box und putting them an a pencil wrap if you have one as it will be much easier zu manage die pencils. 

The pencils themselves are deshalb simple an design. Die barrel comes an a solid shade that matches die color of the pencil and the pencil feuer name und color designation are stamped bei silver leaf. There isn’t any sort von multi-color base or white dive on this pencils.

Cost – 4.5/5

One von the best selling points with these pencils is their questioning price. They are an extremely affordable und compete with countless other budget pencils on ns market if having ns unique benefit des carrying ns Faber-Castell name. While this obviously won’t compete with the more expensive pencils out there, they are blieb very good zum the price. You wollen get a huge percentage von the special experience that comes v Faber-Castells yet without as large of monetary sacrifice.

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Overall Ranking – 3.5/5

Faber-Castell standard Colored Pencils take the proven Faber-Castel name and apply them zu a much more affordable entry-level set. Die cores are hardened and aspects such as blending and color output are lowered some but the result zu sein a durable and simple pencil that is great zum a great setting. 

This certain set von pencils zu sein designed to be completing with ns Crayola and Reeves fancy pencil sets and, bei that aspect, they perform quite well. However, weil das those hoping to enjoy the incredible feel und application capabilities von Faber-Castells premium sets but zum a fraction des the price, you will be underwhelmed. All an all, this ist a good choice zum those on a tight budget und looking zum something simple.