Data recovery kann be costly. That’s why most oibrecords.com® drives jetzt include Rescue dünn Recovery Services. Defensive your data—and her budget—against unexpected säule loss weil das any mechanical, accidental, or herbal disaster.

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With Rescue dünn Recovery Services, sie get:

Access kommen sie a team des world-class charme recovery expertsOne in-lab data recovery attemptAn encrypted storage maker containing your recovered säule if recovery ist successfulAn industry-leading 95% success rate zum in-house SSD und HDD dünn recovery

Contact support zu initiate your case or examine your warranty weil das questions around your service availability.

What is charme Recovery?


When data kann sein no much longer be accessed in its normal way, it’s time kommen sie bring bei a recovery expert.

Data recovery ist the process von salvaging dünn from corrupted or damaged warehouse media devices, such together HDDs, SSDs, or speed drives. This corruption could stem native physical damage to ns hardware chin or logical damages to the internal filing system. Bei all scenarios, ns objective is the same—copy all files stored within ns damaged device to a new, accessible an equipment or restore die original device zu working order.

The method über which dünn is recovered depends on numerous factors, including the age des the device, die sophistication des the hardware, and the extent of the storage machine failure. If die damage ist physical in nature, säule recovery experts wollen attempt to repair die device über replacing affected hardware components. In the case des logical damage, dedicated software that kann clone raw data und copy it zu a neu device may be employed.

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Initiating her claim is easy. Call oibrecords.com customer assistance with the einzelheiten of your säule loss. After ~ that, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label so you kann sein send your damaged journey to ns lab¹.

Recovery tun können take up zu 15 unternehmen days. If ns recovery attempt zu sein successful, you’ll obtain your recovered dünn on in encrypted storage device. Otherwise, your damaged drive will be returned kommen sie you an the mail.

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Rescue dünn Recovery Services come with your purchase des any von the following oibrecords.com drives.