Emma Matratze Test Stiftung Warentest

Nov 27, 20212570

Stiftung warntest has tested the Emma mattress bei addition kommen sie some of the various other mattresses from the Internet und retail. The manufacturer of the Emma mattress assures "the perfect sleep", but organisation und vorschriften Warentest has actually punished ns mattress zu sein rock hard. All the die info you will find in this article.

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Stiftung warntest was notfall fond des the Emma mattress bei 2016 weist all. Die manufacturer advertises the it was "a mattress that fits simply kommen sie any". However, in the prüfen (09/2016), the turned the end that the mattress ist not suitable zum large and heavy people punkt all. "Only small und light people zu lie ~ above Emma"s well," is the verdict von the experts*.Also, ns recommendation kommen sie place the mattress on the floor, holding organisation und vorschriften Warentest nothing. Too big zu sein the threat that mold will be.But all the same, in terms of comfort and distribution of pressure on die mattress, Emma was quite good. And who puts the mattress on die floor, has something des the mattress. Also, die cover kann be quickly cleaned.*The manufacturer has revised die Emma mattress bei the during (see below).

Overall, gets the Emma mattress über Stiftung Warentest, the grade of 4.2 ("Adequate"). For this, three reasons are mainly responsible:

Stiftung warnung überprüfen criticized die Emma mattress ist a extreme odor throughout unpacking.In addition, ns mattress kann sein be transported only with difficulty and turned because handles are missing. I beg your pardon leads kommen sie point deduction in the category of "handling" (now corrected).The Declaration of the mattress is deshalb not sufficient kommen sie find fundament, stiftung Warentest. Zum example, die info on ns degree des hardness zu sein missing. ~ measurement des a Dutch consumer organization, die mattress ist rather "soft".

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With promises like "100 nights des rehearsal and a" money back "guarantee" advertises the manufacturer zum the Emma mattress. However how smoothly the runs? organisation und vorschriften Warentest has tested it:

In die Test, the took between 22 and 35 days, until die money was zurück on ns account. All the details you möchte find top top test.de.100 days and nights sample traditional is von the way in most of the mattress dealers in the meantime. This deshalb applies kommen sie the online purchase. Ns winner von the test des the mattress Tests bei (a Bodyguard of Bett1), freundin can also 100 nights trial.

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To CHIP online manufacturer"s Emma describes that the composition of the mattress has been adjusted. Instead von the latex layer, the mattress ist now a porous Airgocell foam. Die foam ist supposed to allow much better pressure relief und point elasticity. An addition, die Emma mattress, a new section has patterns through shoulder zone.The revised Emma mattress has actually been tested über the largest consumer organization an the Netherlands, consumentenbond, (03/2017): here are ns Emma mattress winner of the prüfen was 7.7 out of 10. Just how are the differences an the Tests?The differences an Detail: grundlagen, spenden Warentest has the mattress zum eight different deck tested types, Consumentenbond, ns newer mattress weil das only 4 types. The bad grade punkt a test, however, lies mostly on ns odor wie man you unpack it, the missing handles for the Transport und a lack von hardness degrees. An terms of odor and handles the manufacturer has notfall corrected according kommen sie a degree des hardness, yet there are still. Ns mattress zu sein suitable zum all types von Deck, regardless des the degree des hardness, ns manufacturer.Conclusion: Emma has actually responded kommen sie most of the points des criticism von the grundlagen, spenden Warentest und improved. Des which organisation ist likely kommen sie benefit, according to the consumer consumentenbond, especially large, heavy rückseitig sleeper. Ns measurement revealed that the degree of hardness is rather "soft". A sample des the modification mattress might be worth.