Dunlop sp sport 01 test

The Dunlop SP sport 01 AS ist a Premium Touring every Season tires designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

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Tire review dünn from 6 tires reviews averaging 80% end 71,001 mile driven.

The SP sport 01 AS ist ranked 17th von 42 every Season Premium Touring tires.

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2014 every Season Tire prüfen - 5th of 10 tires

Positive - Excellent winter qualities, dynamic snow handling, quick braking ranges on snow und dry roadsNegative - limit cornering and longer braking distances on wet roads, median comfortView Full prüfen >>

2011 auto Bild all Season Tire prüfen - 4th of 10 tires

Positive - Sporty and dynamic driving features with good traction and cornering stability on snow und dry slopes. An excellent dry braking.Negative - A wenig understeer bei the wet, center aquaplaning resistance.View Full prüfen >>
Vredestein Quatrac - 90%
BFGoodrich g Grip every Season 2 - 88%
Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210 - 88%
Bridgestone Weather control A005 EVO - 86%
SizeFuelWet Noise weight
185/60 R15 88H XL CE708.37kgs
185/60 R15 88H XL CE658.37kgs
235/50 R18 97V XL CC7112.05kgs

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Given 93%
while driving a seat Ibiza 16V (215/45 R16 V) ~ above a combination von roads for 1 spirited miles
These are the zuerst all season tires I"ve offered as ich didn"t want kommen sie be switching bolzen summer/winter tires anymore deswegen I can"t straight compare these with various other all season tires.I"ve only been utilizing these this spring/summer deshalb might return to update the review when I"ve seen just how they cope with snow/ice and generally cold conditions.The erste thing i noticed about these tires was how quiet, smooth and comfortable they are compared with any type of other tire I"ve used. They replaced Conti Premium contact 2 on all four wheels and the difference is night und day. I"ve also used a last of tires in my time native Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Toyo, Falken & Kumho und I"ve never seen this level des comfort or lack von noise. Very impressive!In die dry ns handling ist quite sharp for a tire with soft-ish sidewalls and grip ist excellent. Not quite as good weist handling in the dry as a dedicated summer tire but you would never an alert unless advertise hard. Bizarrely, dried braking zu sein actually boosted over the previous tires though!In the wet it"s a different story, the tire"s noticeably lacking a bit bei all out grip. They"re notfall unsafe, and I"ve thrust on worse summer tires in the wet, but i wouldn"t to speak they to be great in the wet; only above average. Wet braking zu sein a bit much better than wet handling and acceleration which ist reassuring for safety however they just can"t match a dedicated a premium summer tire an this area.I can"t really comment on wear as I"ve not done sufficient mileage an them. Lock don"t appear to oase worn weist all und there"s no reason to assume the they won"t belastung well.To conclude, I"d to speak you"re sacrificing part all ring performance for a tire which will blieb work in the cold and snow/ice. Ich intend zu update the review as soon as I"ve make the efforts these in winter but zum the time gift I"m quite glücklich with them.
Given 89%
if driving a Audi A4 Avante 2.0ltr tdi (245/45 R17 V) on a combination von roads for 4,000 average miles
Astonishingly good in snow. Weist least as great on same vehicle ( Audi A4 TDI ) together Conti 830s, which ich had supplied previously. Just reflects that die appearance of a tire doesn"t tell sie how an excellent it wollen be bei snow.I drove these in 9 inches of snow , fresh and packed , bei the Alps this winter. No troubles getting away or handling and breaking. Great tires.
Given 94%
if driving a BMW BMW X1 (225/50 R17 W) top top a combination of roads weil das 2,000 average miles
I bought in X1 belastung October 2015 and knew i would be instead of my tyers after ~ a couple of months...

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The automobile came with Bridgestone Duelers ~ above it und thought ich had sufficient tread ~ above them to last.But wie breaking when crossing end white lines near roundabouts etc... I could feel the front tyers wheel slipping through the stealing wheel!So believed it was time kommen sie replace und do my homework.I used this website and decided to go weil das the Dunlop SP sport due to ns reviews i then compared the prices v 4 tires fitting garages.I gott a great deal £204.00 for two...from regional fitter...would schutz been almost £25 - £30 über tire much more if i had gone with well understand tire installation company.The car feels amazingly far better wet or dry...very wenig road noise....feels really sure footed!I extremely recommend them!And mental buy cheap to buy twice! :-)Jon D

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Given 76% when driving a Skoda Superb ii combi 2.0 tdi cr (225/45 R18 H) top top a combination des roads weil das 30,000 average miles
10000 kilometer i"ve scraped 3 due to weak"s prefer throwing cash out die window.the worst set of tires bei my life.never again Dunlop.
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