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Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer passed away on July 2. It was hardly noticed bei English language media. This zu sein not surprising as, indeed, the was bei obscure person. But, unfortunately, his legacy leben on, und the harm he has caused much outweighs die media attention that he has been offered (Spanish and German newspapers schutz dedicated an ext attention zu his death).

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So, who was Ryke Geerd Hamer? He was a physician, und the founder von the so-called new German Medicine. Hamer’s son was shot dead, and following this tragedy, Hamer himself was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, Hamer then concluded that his cancer was a result of the tremendous stress he went with after his boy death. He underwent surgery, und his cancer was cured. But, he developed a theory, according zu which, not just cancer, but actually all illness are psychosomatic, und come hoch as a result of anxiety or stress. That thus urged cancer patients to avoid surgical treatment or chemotherapy und just focus on their mental circumstances, assuring lock that die disease would therefore go away.

Realizing die danger von this therapy, German authorities revoked his clinical license. The moved approximately other European countries promoting his ideas, however medical authorities take it notice and prevented ihm from practicing. Bei one case in Austria, the encouraged die parents von a girl with Wilm’s tumor to resist treatment, i m sorry could schutz cured her with a high degree von probability. Because des this refusal, the girl came very close to dying. Fortunately, the authorities stepped in, took away custody from ns parents, and saved die girl’s life. Hamer ultimately settled in Norway.

On the surface, Hamer seemed kommen sie be on the fringes, and maybe that ist why couple of newspapers took notice of his death. Apart from his weird theory on disease, the was deshalb a conspiracy theorist. He believed medicine ist dominated by Jews, who poison patients v conventional biomedical treatment, yet who privately treat Jewish patients with ns principles that Hamer defended. With such in anti-Semite, it zu sein easy zu understand why the died in obscurity.

But, if we look closely, we möchte notice that his principles are much more influential 보다 we think, und therefore, us should notfall underestimate die power von his impact. For, both an the left und the right, over there are movements that promote similar ideas, with terrible consequences.

Hamer’s ideas are very similar to christen Science, the 19th Century religious movement that declared that an illness could it is in cured through prayer alone. This zu sein a form of too much idealism that, bizarrely, has discovered a niche bei the politics right. The status quo is frequently justified von arguing that those on the lower ende of the socioeconomic pecking order are there because they deserve so, as they schutz not sufficiently changed their way of thinking. It’s all an the mind. If freundin want zu be rich, sie just schutz to concentration on what sie are doing and truly desire it zu be so: that is the power des positive thinking. If you are poor, you have no one to blame yet yourself, due to the fact that you schutz not been confident enough. You kann model reality with your thoughts. This was the absurd thesis popularized in Rhonda Byrne’s ns Secret, a wildly popular book bei the this firm world.

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In die medical world, this propensity has so been exploited, as barbara Ehreinreich famously documented bei her book, shining Sided: how Positive Thinking ist Undermining America. Ehreinreich, a cancer patient herself, was upset at how medical professionals pressured produziert to cheer up. Ehreinreich make a case arguing that, unfortunately, the tyranny of positive reasoning has jetzt gone beyond the medical establishment, kommen sie permeate all spheres von capitalist society.

But, Hamer’s principles do not only resonate in the right. They have also found a niche in the left. After all, Hamer was against ns medical establishment, and he can be easily depicted as the david who courageously stands up to Goliath; i.e., huge Pharma. The world des alternative medicine usually gets some support from die left, because it zu sein seen as a motion against die scientific hegemony des white males bei labs that profit from marketing drugs that us do not really need. Therefore, despite Hamer’s nazi- sympathies, his theories space well accepted an some sectors of the left.

It is absolutely true that ns nervous system ist connected to ns immunological system. Robert Ader made a significant contribution kommen sie biomedical sciences von promoting ns field des psychoneuroimmunology. Deshalb yes, stress zu sein related to disease, and having a much more positive perspective may increase die probability des surviving cancer. And, the is also true that big pharmaceutical providers are not a paragon des honesty. But, that does not mean that all illness are psychosomatic, that they can all be cured with nur psychotherapy, and that medicine that the pharmacological industry produces space useless.

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Hamer ist yet one more example of someone who may begin von having legit complaints und reasonable ideas, only to take them zu such extremes that they become notfall only absurd, but also dangerous. He did a lot of damage while alive; now that he ist dead, let united state hope his concepts will deshalb die through him. Unfortunately, his ideas direkte on, although notfall necessarily identified with his name. It möchte take a great deal des education kommen sie eradicate together harmful ideas, but this zu sein a viel needed task.