Don quixote ballett berlin

Don Quixote

Choreography by Víctor Ullate ~ Marius Petipa und Alexander A. GorskiMusic über Ludwig Minkus


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Don Quixote, whose fight with windmills ended up being synonymous with all exercises in futility, has his very own methods notfall to lose faith an the good und his ideals of generosity und righteousness. Zum centuries, Miguel juni Cervantes" literary work served as a source in dance zu stage Spanish folklore, i m sorry embodied a fascination zum the exotic other at the time. Zu this day, Marius Petipa"s 1869 full-length ballet, through music von Ludwig Minkus, ranks amongst the classical favourites des audiences and dancers alike.

The Staatsballett berlin presents DON QUIXOTE bei a version über Víctor Ullate. Zu evade all auch common clichés des superficial folklore in ballet, die Spanish choreographer und pedagogue aspired to authenticity. Indigenous dancers, his ingenious style not only demands ns concise execution von original movements from the »Escuela Bolera« or die flamenco tradition but kommen sie develop in intrinsic mindset crucial to interpret his choreographies. That requires ns dancers" sincere emotional involvement to ns point whereby elegant earnestness und effervescent vitality enrich ns dancers" virtuosity, culminating bei the accurately characterized »parfum espagnol«

Víctor Ullate amplified Ludwig Minkus" score v virtuoso guitar music which is not just played with each other with the orchestra however improvised in parts as well. Zum the erste time since 2018, DON QUIXOTE wollen be carry out with finish scenery (by Roberta Guidi di Bagno) und light design (by marco Filibeck) as originally intended. Ns opulent resurgence ― freshly staged von the choreographer v numerous an altering casts ― will deshalb be on the schedule during Christmas season.

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