Dodi al fayed leiche

Princess Diana"s boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, shed his life in the exact same tragic automobile accident that took hers.

Du schaust: Dodi al fayed leiche

On august 31, 1997, the world was stunned von Princess Diana’s tragic death an a Parisian auto crash. However, the unexpected loss of the Princess des Wales wasn’t ns only grim event stemming from the fateful night. Although billions von people tuned an to Princess Diana’s funeral, hers was actually one von three untimely deaths, including the treiber of the car, Henri Paul, and Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed. In fact, just one person survived die fatal automobile accident: Dodi Al Fayed’s Trevor Rees-Jones.

Although Fayed is now forever verbunden with Diana, he actually led a fascinating life on its very own merits lang before that met the iconic Princess of Wales. Here, everything freundin need zu know around Dodi Al Fayed.

Dodi Al Fayed’s childhood

Born together Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena’em Fayed in 1955 an Alexandria, Egypt, Fayed was the eldest des Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed’s 5 children. His siblings incorporate restaurateur and socialite Camilla Fayed and businessman omar Fayed. Fayed’s dad Mohamed was the owner von Harrods, bei upscale department store an London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood, ns Ritz Hotel an Paris, and England’s Fulham soccer club. V his mom Samira Khashoggi, he was related zu both notorious arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi—his uncle—and slain Saudi journalisten Jamal Khashoggi—his zuerst cousin.

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Dodi’s childhood was glamorous from the outside: full von private jets, houses around die world, drivers, bodyguaoibrecords.coms, und staff. However, he was sent away to school native a young age, including to Switzerland’s call Le Rosey boaoibrecords.coming school, und English’s Royal military Academy hinweisen Sandhurst. Incidentally, Diana’s sons prince William und Prince sich kümmern both attended Sandhurst years later.

Dodi the film producer

The summer prior to Dodi and Diana died, they were photographed ~ above Fayed’s yacht every over the Mediterranean, through paparazzi swarming every time they appeared together. But before he graced magazine abdecken as Princess Diana’s new boyfriend, Fayed was known together a film producer und playboy, through a £400,000 monthly pin money from his father.

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Dodi was known weil das racing schon fast cars and living the high life. He was a minor player bei Hollywood and produced movies consisting of Chariots von Fire, which winner a Best bild Oscar. Fayed lavished gifts on frauen he dated: trinkets native Bulgari, private jets, trips to Gstaad and St. Tropez. It’s no wonder the his list des famous girlfriends is a mile long, through Fayed rumored to schutz dated frau including Brooke Shields, julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Daryl Hannah, und Tina Sinatra.

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