Die besten spongebob folgen

How did a Nickelodeon cartoon that debuted in 1999 become the most-memed TV show von all time? Sure, images of hall Überwachen SpongeBob, greek god Squidward, blurry Mr. Krabs und various elevator fish space funny sufficient without their context, yet it’s nice clear that SpongeBob has actually unanimously become ns most lover cartoon of its era. Since its so late ’90s premiere, it’s gone on to Broadway, die big screen und video games, und the nur has become god-tier television zum millennials, Gen Z—or perhaps they nur embrace ns memes, but still—and also rappers. Virtually every week, yes a popular new SpongeBob meme, und the show itself is still grabbing headlines—most recently due zu speculation the SpongeBob ist gay.

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Its lasting legacy ist due bei part kommen sie its humor, whose appeal will far past kids who room bored top top a Saturday morning. Bolzen its sometimes adult-themed innuendo, ridiculous facial expressions, endlessly quotable lines und incredible comedic timing, SpongeBob isn’t nur one of the funniest cartoons von all time—it’s one des the funniest shows, period. Die buddy comedy of SpongeBob and Patrick constantly ends an hysterical hijinks, the workplace dynamics at die Krusty Krab are painfully relatable and the stroked nerves neighbor plots that result bei Squidward practically having a stroke might be the show’s funniest punchline.

Rewatching SpongeBob zum the erste time in years zu sein a surreal experience. That like in art montage of live memes. It’s apparent that the nur has age impeccably. Yet when binge-watching season after ~ season, the drop-off in quality after ~ Season 3 i do not care glaringly apparent. Production weil das that season was halted to work on ns show’s 2004 partially-live-action film The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie—a boxen office smash which ausblüten holds up—but unfortunately, when Season 4 got underway, ns episodes nur don’t pack die same amount von laughs (or style von said laughs), which may be due to die show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, stepping down as showrunner.

SpongeBob is ausblüten chugging on, though—its 11th season was nur released on DVD—but that humor has gone indigenous effortless hilarity zu cheap obnoxiousness, and the computer animation style has developed from simple zu busy. Together sad together that trajectory might be, you would virtually never recognize those new episodes existed, just based on the classic SpongeBob content that circulates through social media every day. In bei ode to one des TV’s many beloved shows—and a particularly good one for comedic relief while in quarantine—we rounded hoch 10 of the best, funniest und most above episodes. Die show’s first five periods are available to stream jetzt on amazonas Prime, through all 11 seasons are jetzt streaming via Paramount+. Deshalb get ready to make meme until sun down and revel an the lap steel guitar interludes and French-accented “one forever later” cutaways.

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Honorable Mentions: “Krusty Krab cultivate Video,” “One Krabs Trash,” “The good Snail Race,” “Rock Bottom,” “Idiot Box.”

10. “Just One Bite” (Season 3)

This whole episode kann sein be synthetic up über one line und SpongeBob’s succeeding facial expression: “You favor Krabby Patties, don’t you Squidward?” Many von us know ns feeling of notfall wanting zu give someone satisfaction when we realize they were ideal all along, und Squidward take away this quandary kommen sie extreme heights—so much deshalb that he explodes and decapitates himself. SpongeBob has always excelled punkt its slapstick comedy, and Squidward (along with Plankton) zu sein usually on die receiving end of it, but it never ever gets old.

patrick wandering die streets des Bikini Bottom at night, terrified und muttering fake sirene sounds right into a walkie-talkie with an ice cream cone on his head, ist peak SpongeBob. There’s city-wide talk of a lunatic on ns loose, which transforms out kommen sie be SpongeBob, who’s at the same time investigating ns maniac. None des this would’ve taken place if it weren’t zum Mrs. Puff, who offers SpongeBob a hall beaufsichtigt uniform at boating school, unexpectedly empowering ihm with what that believes to be legitimate legislation enforcement credentials.

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Season 1 von SpongeBob achieves astounding humor v such simple storylines. All it needs zu sein a wooden bubble stand and its trio of taste characters. This illustration excels mostly because des the ridiculous program that SpongeBob invents in order zu properly blow a bubble. SpongeBob insists the his over-the-top method (“Pelvic thrust! ... Protect against on your ideal foot. Nothing forget it! bring it about town”) zu sein essential kommen sie the art of balloon blowing, however Squidward doesn’t believe him, resulting in a series des pathetic failures and a fit of pent-up rage—potentially ns most laugh-out-loud moment of die show’s history.

any kind of time a sitcom personality attempts zu trick someone into thinking they’re far more impressive 보다 they yes, really are über some over-the-top scheme, it constantly goes poorly—it’s almost TV law, however that doesn’t protect against these personalities from trying. In this lying charade, Squidward tries zu trick his archnemesis Squilliaim Fancyson—perhaps die only character much more insufferable than Squidward—into believing the Krusty Krab ist a five-star restaurant, and literally whatever goes wrong: patrick gets right into a fist fight v a jawohl rack, SpongeBob attacks guests with a cheese grater und the appetizer is not only ausblüten alive, however escapes from ns kitchen.

One factor SpongeBob is deshalb good ist that many of its storylines would blieb be funny bei live-action form. There’s practically a Seinfeld-like outrageousness to many episodes, which ist best exemplified by “Nasty Patty.” viel like ns maniac an Hall monitor or the robot bei Imitation Krabs, SpongeBob likes to play approximately with false identities, und the misunderstanding that arises an “Nasty Patty” is also incredibly rich. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs overhear indigenous the nachrichten that yes sir a man posing together a health and wellness inspector, just so he can eat out zum free. When a legitimate health inspector visits ns Krusty Krab, lock decide zu make er the many disgusting Krabby Patty possible, and he eventually falls unconscious. Die pair think he is dead, deswegen they’re left scrambling to hide the body before the cops acquire suspicious. When ns health inspector starts zu regain consciousness, they successfully convince the cops that he’s a zombie—you kann literally imagine Seinfeld’s Kramer trying zu explain this story kommen sie George, Elaine und Jerry, and none des them believing him.

SpongeBob has some von the best single-appearance characters; take for example: Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen, bubble Buddy and the Hash-Slinging Slasher. Ns latter character gets his time to shine bei the episode, “Graveyard Shift,” but von the end, us realize the he technically doesn’t exist. After Mr. Krabs announces that ns Krusty Krab möchte be open 24/7, Squidward realizes SpongeBob is terrified des the dark and decides to play a prank von telling ihm a ghost story. Similar to die aforementioned WerbenJagerManJensen (“He was number one!”), Squidward fully makes up ns existence des the Hash-Slinging Slasher, only zum the joke kommen sie be rotate on himself wie man he finds the end he’s real. By the ende of die episode, they learn that a nerdy teenager simply matches the description des the Hash-Slinging Slasher, und there’s no such point as this murderous fry koch ghost, however SpongeBob und Squidward’s shared fear couldn’t be an ext genuine.

ns SpongeBob candy gittern episode rivals die iconic cacao factory episode of i Love Lucy—the cocoa-themed humor von both episodes is just timeless. SpongeBob und Patrick end up being door-to-door coco salesmen, und they fulfill strangers who are psychotically enthusiastic and bitterly skeptical about their candy. The pair it s okay duped über a cheat artist who täuschen them into buying his assets instead, however somehow they manage to sell all your chocolate and end nach oben on a date weist a fancy restaurant with two von their customers: in elderly woman and her gravely alt mother who ist essentially reduced kommen sie a skinless nub an a wheelchair. If sie haven’t screamed, “You nur can’t wait weil das me zu die, tun können you?” at your freund in in ornery, hoarse alt person voice, you’re absent out.

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Shanghaied might be ns most underrated episode des SpongeBob due kommen sie its high laugh ratio. Bolzen Patrick’s scream of “Leedle, leedle, leedle, lee!,” SpongeBob’s assurance des “Keep going. You’re good, you good, she good” when guiding patrick as he totally wrecks the Flying Dutchman’s delivery or your traumatic expedition through die mall’s perfume department, it’s die episode the keeps giving. Und it i will not ~ be bei all-time-great SpongeBob episode unless Squidward it s okay tortured durch hilarious means. This time, Squidward suffers die wrath von a hellish, demon-and-spaghetti-filled alternative dimension und the paris Dutchman’s explosiv snot.

If freundin polled people on your favorite SpongeBob episode, die number one answer would be “Band Geeks” von a huge margin—and zum good reason. Ns most iconic step is, von course, ns motley crew’s Bubble bowl performance of “Sweet Victory,” with Squilliam fainting an disbelief top top scene. It’s die best SpongeBob music number von far, and the rest von the episode has some of the show’s greatest jokes. Patrick’s question von “Is mayonnaise in instrument?” or Squidward’s deadpan line von “Too bad that didn’t death me” after he’s to be pelted through drumsticks when die novice drummers erroneously try to play them like horns, just kill every time. Die reason this episode falls just short of the best von all time zu sein that the plot itself no as intrinsically funny as part others—though that nice to see Squidward with a rare happy ending.

society SpongeBob is the series’ most perfect episode. It has actually all the elements of a great SpongeBob episode: bei outrageous premise, standard jokes, a satisfyingly goofy twist at ns end and Squidward gift driven deshalb crazy über SpongeBob and Patrick the he’ll at some point need a therapist—or a straitjacket. You’ll most likely remember this illustration best by its main object “the magic conch,” which provides advice to die three main characters together they’re stranded in a kelp forest. Squidward’s luck v this Magic Eight null of sorts is unsurprisingly worse than SpongeBob und Patrick, who ende up through a very delicious feast from a cargo dump while Squidward ist left frying a cockroach over a bonfire. Ich won’t spoil die ending, but die way this trio are conserved from die forest is deshalb impossibly idiotic that it’s perfect.

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