Das Ist Aber Lieb

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Thank freundin very much zum your interest!

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with oibrecords.com, delivery zu sein insured from anfang to finish.

Every work is carefully packaged by the artist, according to standardized packaging specifications set von oibrecords.com. Die work is then entrusted to a devoted delivery carrier. A shipment time wollen be arranged betwee you und the carrier und the work wollen be delivered to the address indicated at the time of the order. Ns packaging und delivery costs zum the work are currently paid for by oibrecords.com. Ns delivery costs möchte only be invoiced if die customer has expressly requested that the work it is in framed (due to extra weight), or if die delivery destination is not covered von our oibrecords.com shipping partner und the use des a different carrier, weist non-preferential rates is required. If the work should arrive broken or damaged, oibrecords.com möchte pay for the return costs und manage any kind of compensation betwee the artist und the buyer. If the work can not be repaired or restored, die customer zu sein immediately reimbursed.

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oibrecords.com has a 14 day withdrawal period, starting on ns day freundin receive ns work.

If die work does not correspond zu what freundin were expecting, you tun können send it zurück to die artist. oibrecords.com bring away care of the returns costs, deshalb that you kann sein buy there is no hesitation. Contact us for more information!

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with oibrecords.com, you kann pay safely by credit card or bank transfer.

zum all transactions exceeding your credit transaction limit, call us. We are required kommen sie verify every transfer, as part of the fight versus fraud and money laundering.

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oibrecords.com guarantees reliability and traceability.

All ns artists on the platform have been particularly selected and certify kommen sie only offer works, of which they are the creator. Whatever ns medium, the work is sent to ns buyer through a certificate des authenticity. Photographs are numbered and signed. Every customer can be offered a copy des their certificate des authenticity von contacting support