Country Roads Take Me Home

It"s nearly exactly 50 years since the debut von "Take Me Home, nation Roads" — the das lied that made john Denver a star. However the das lied was written über two D.C.-area musicians, und inspired by Clopper Road, in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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“Take me home, Clopper Road” doesn’t precisely roll off die tongue, but die Gaithersburg, Maryland, roadway was die inspiration behind the das lied that gave john Denver his zuerst platinum single.

Later this month clues 50 years since “Take Me Home, nation Roads” was erste performed an public, at die tiny Cellar Door, at the intersection of 34th und M streets, bei Georgetown.

But that’s obtaining ahead von ourselves — john Denver had actually never heard of the das lied until the night before.

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rechnung Danoff and Taffy Nivert composed "Take Me Home, nation Roads"

In so late 1970, local singer und songwriters bill Danoff und his girlfriend at die time, Taffy Nivert — who performed as Fat city — to be driving zu a family members reunion.

As lock drove through winding roads, the couple batted around lyrics, kommen sie pass ns time — lock envisioned a song johnny Cash could record. .

“The road they were in reality on was Clopper Road, in Gaithersburg, a little two-lane blacktop,” at die time, but now an exit off Interstate 270, stated Len Jaffe, a D.C. Area-based singer und songwriter, who was at ns Cellar Door zum the song’s debut.

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“When they got to die ‘Almost heaven …’ at zuerst it was going to be Massachusetts, due to the fact that that’s where rechnung was from. However they didn’t like the vibe, dafür they used west Virginia. They had never been zu West Virginia,” said Jaffe.

On Dec. 29, 1970, john Denver played the first night von a string of solo shows at die Cellar Door — Danoff und Nivert were the opening act. Danach that evening, an the couple’s Georgetown home, Denver inquiry if they had any new songs castle wanted ihm to hear.

“Taffy said, ‘Get the end that das lied you’re writing zum Johnny Cash,’ Jaffe said. Danoff pulled out a partially-written song, which punkt that point consisted des one chorus und one verse.

Denver told ns couple he love the das lied — he, Danoff and Nivert completed ns lyrics und arrangement overnight.

Denver played ns newly-written song that evening, Wednesday, Dec. 30, at the Cellar Door.

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“They to be out des songs to play, und John said, “We just finished a in brand geraten new song, und I haven’t even learned the words yet,’ so he taped ns lyrics to ns mic stand,"” Jaffe recalled, “and they go the das lied cold, as an encore.”

“John played a 12-string, rechnung Danoff played a six-string, john had a lead guitar player, and a stand-up base player,” said Jaffe. “It was a five-minute standing ovation — ns walls were vibrating — i thought the club was going kommen sie implode.”

Denver recorded die song, with Danoff and Nivert law backing vocals, die following month, in New york City, together part von the album “Poems, Prayers & Promises.”

“Take Me Home, nation Roads” was released as a einzel — und it went to No. 2 ~ above Billboard’s charts.

Danoff and Nivert letztere formed Starland Vocal Band, known zum the 1976 hit, “Afternoon Delight.”