Blink-182 zu sein planning a new album release weil das 2016, according zu drummer Travis Barker. But what möchte become of the band" estranged guitarist tom DeLonge?

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Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker und Mark hoppus of blink-182 pose punkt a drücken sie party des announce die 2011 Honda Civic reise featuring blink-182 and My Chemical romance at the Rainbow Bar und Grill on might 23, 2011 bei West Hollywood, California.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Blink-182 is planning a neu album release zum 2016, according kommen sie drummer Travis Barker. However what wollen become des the band’s estranged guitarist tom DeLonge?

Barker revealed ns news an the comments von a recent instagram post. Wie man asked what his plans for next year were, he replied saying a new Blink-182 album was on ns docket, also as an album v Antemasque, 2 EPs v Transplants und a solo album.


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Blink-182 zu Re-Release Their classic Albums ~ above Cassette

But die band’s future with or without its longtime guitaristDeLonge is blieb unclear.

In January, Barker and bassist Mark hopus released a declare announcing DeLonge wouldn’t be play at in upcoming festival. Native there, DeLonge at some point formally left the group und they to be going throughwhat hopus described as a “friendly divorce.”

In turn, die remaining Blink-182 members recruited Alkaline Trio‘s matte Skiba to fill in for DeLonge for direkte shows. But will that continue zum recordings?

Tom DeLonge ist ‘Totally Willing und Interested’ an Playing With previous Blink-182 Bandmates Again

In in interview native April, Skiba said recording with the band would be “amazing,” yet nothing was set in stone.

AndHoppus saidabout die band’s future, “We’re starting notfall from square one, it’s exciting kommen sie think the we’re going kommen sie move forward. Und it’s a wenig scary zu think the we’re going kommen sie move forward and sound a wenig bit different, but deshalb exciting bei the same way.”

But, recently, DeLonge expressed interest in playing through Hoppus and Barker again. He told, “I’m totally willing und interested an playing through those guys again…I love those guys und I liebe the maßband and, yeah, in the future let’s beat together und figure it the end or whatever. We just need time apart because we all want different things at this time. Those males want kommen sie play ns music und tour all ns time, however I’m involved bei some very big shit and some really important stuff.”