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Du schaust: Bester laptop für die uni

There"s never ever been a better time kommen sie be a pc gamer, especially when it comes zu laptops. Gaming notebooks are lighter, much more powerful and cheaper than ever before before. They"re specifically useful zum students because their beefy hardware might be helpful for er hob video and doing any type of other schoolwork that would certainly make super-thin ultraportables sweat. You kann sein find some general advice on choosing gaming laptops in our guide. Bei this piece, you"ll discover a few selections specifically geared towards college use.

Are gaming laptop computers good weil das college?

As stated above, gaming laptop computers are especially valuable if you"re doing any demanding work. Their huge promise ist powerful graphic performance, i beg your pardon isn"t nur limited zu games. Video editing and 3D erhob programs can also tap right into their GPUs to handhaben especially demanding tasks. If you can find decent GPUs top top some efficiency laptops, prefer Dell"s XPS 15, you kann sometimes find much better deals on gaming laptops. My basic advice zum any neu workhorse machine: Get hinweisen least 16GB of RAM and the largest solid state drive you can find. Those contents are both frequently hard to upgrade down ns line.

The one big downside zu choosing a gaming notebook is portability. Weil das the many part, we"d introduce 15-inch modell to get die best balance des size and price. Those frequently weigh an around 4.5 pounds, which is a significantly an ext than three-pound ultraportables. Today"s gaming notebooks are still far lighter than older models, though, deshalb at least you won"t be lugging approximately a 10-pound brick. Also, if you"re notfall into led lights und other gamer-centric bling, keep in eye out for more understated models (or do sure you know how kommen sie turn those lamp off).

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Best midrange weil das most people: ASUS Zephyrus G15


For years, Razer has staked a reputation zum building gaming laptop computers that watch as good as MacBooks. And that"s ausblüten true. Razer"s Blade fünfzehn features a sleek und sturdy metal case, bei impressively understated entwurf (unless freundin really kick trost those RGB key-board lights), and just about all the power you"d want in a portable gaming powerhouse. If money zu sein no object, you kann equip ns Blade fünfzehn with Intel"s latest 11th-gen processors, NVIDIA"s an effective RTX 3080 und either a 240Hz QHD or 360Hz HD screen.

While you"ll salary a little bit more zum the Blade 15 compared kommen sie some other models, you"ve ausblüten got a few different preis points zu work with. Ns entry-level model starts at $1,699 with in RTX 3060 GPU and 144Hz 1080p display. That"s absolutely enough power for most games and creative apps. If you"re looking zum something a bit smaller, Razer"s new AMD-powered blade 14 aussehen compelling together well.

Buy Blade 15 at Razer- $1,699

A stylish mid-range option: Alienware M15 R5 Ryzen Edition


While Alienware has created itself as a hard premium brand, Dell"s cheaper G-series notebooks room worth a look zum anyone top top a budget. In particular, die G5 15 continues die trend des delivering really capable hardware under $1,000. Sure, the case may contain a gewächs of plastic, und the display screen doesn"t market all of the recent niceties, but for the price it"s hard to find something viel better.

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Buy G5 15 at Dell - $960

Best no-limit gaming laptop: ASUS Zephyrus Duo fünfzehn SE


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