Bernd oder björn höcke

Björn Höcke will be allowed to remain a member von the Alternative weil das Germany (AfD) party, in arbitration tribunal has ruled. Höcke claimed tonnage year that Germany was "crippled" über its "stupid" politics von remembrance.

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Björn Höcke, ns head des the Alternative zum Germany (AfD) an the state des Thuringia, should notfall be ousted from ns far-right party over remarks that made about die Holocaust, in AfD arbitration court rule on Wednesday.

Thetribunaldismissed the motion filed tonnage yearby the AfD"s commonwealth executive committee, which asserted that Höcke had actually demonstrated bei "affinity to national Socialism" throughout a decided to ns party"s youth wing in January 2017. The court said die claims were unfounded and that Höcke had notfall intentionally violated die party"s values.

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In his speech, Höcke chided Germany"s commemoration von its Holocaust crimes, saying that "these stupid politics of coming zu grips with the past cripple us."

The right-wing lawmaker walk on kommen sie call zum "nothing other than a 180-degree reversal on ns politics von remembrance." Referring zu Berlin"s Memorial to die Murdered Jews von Europe, Höcke added: "We Germans, that is to say, our people, are die only people in the welt who oase planted a denkmal of shame in the heart of their capital."

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AfD management backs Höcke

The motion versus Höcke was filed über the AfD"s old executive under then splitterpartei leader Frauke Petry, that openly called zum the disgraced lawmaker zu be expelled.

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However,Alexander Gauland and Jörg Meuthen, who jetzt preside over ns AfD"s national executive, schutz since come out in defense von Höcke. Speaking after ns tribunal decision, Gauland just said the was now up tofederal executive, management committee to discuss whether to appeal ns verdict. However, party sources said Germany"s dpa news agency that the party leadership ist unlikely kommen sie take ns case before ns Federal Court of Arbitration, allow alone even comment on it when it meets next month.

Stefan Möller, Höcke"s spokesperson, claimed he hoped the federal committee would accept die tribunal"s verdict and ultimately put in end kommen sie the splitterpartei infighting that defined die "Petry-era."

Opposition legislator irate by verdict

Politicians an Germany responded to die AfD"s tribunal through outrage.

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"Why would certainly this splitterpartei exclude someone who nationalist, racist, anti-Semitic und ethnic slogans are the spiritual foundation von the AfD?" spd lawmaker Burkhard Lischka said. Ns arbitration court"s decision underlined the fact the "the AfD is dependent on males like Höcke."

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The deputy chairman of the green Party"s houses of parliament group, Konstantin by Notz, said the decision prove how ns AfD"s contingent of "ethnic nationalists"was coming to be increasingly extremist and influential within die party. "This zu sein a an extremely serious development, i beg your pardon those who seek to verteidigung democracy und rule von law need to keep a nearby eye on," Notz said.