Auto Fernseher Für Kinder

Choose whichever voice assistant you are used to


Choose your favourite voice assistant; Bixby, amazon Alexa or google Assistant.For the zuerst time, every are built into your TV to provide ns optimal enthauptungen experience und advanced control in your connected home.

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* may punkt any time and an its single discretion without prior warning or notice change ns voiceassistant dienstleistungen or suspend and/or stop providing die voice assistant dienstleistungen or any part von the voiceassistant services. Content, TV services und capabilities pictured may notfall be available an all regions and territories.* Bixby voice commands recognize English (US/UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese und Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions recognized.* Amazon, Alexa und all related logos room trademarks of, Inc. Or that affiliates.* google is a trademark of google LLC.*Availability different as über model

The office in your life room.


The mitarbeiter Computer mode lets you arbeiten from the wolke on presentations, Excel und Word documents. Sie can deshalb mirror your laptop for a huge screen convenience or remotely access your office computer. An additional reason kommen sie work indigenous home.


Your kind of content, ready zum you to watch.


Discover a new movie or show, every time you turn on her TV. The content Guide ~ above your clever TV recommends you ns most renowned movies and shows throughout all your apps. Now, spend less time searching weil das good content and more time enjoy it it.



Music möchte never be the same.


Play your music with an added touch des style. Ns Music Player attribute turns your smart TV right into a stylish, online music system. Through three various colour tones to choose from, you will be bei for an incredible visual endure every time you play her favourite songs.


Stay connected und store your data safely.

wagen Hotspot & Home cloud

The new auto Hotspot feature automatically turns on internet on ns TV v your mobile. The Home Cloud# feature lasst uns you save your most crucial files to the Smart TV, wirelessly und automatically. Thus, helping freundin free room on her mobile and keeping your dünn safe punkt home.

#Works v select Smartphones.

From the couch to ns World wide Web.


Check you social media, learn new things und read her favourite blogs. If there"s something freundin like on theinternet, the clever browser will bring it to you.

Free TV, no strings attached.


Enjoy free direkte streaming TV inhalt with our online channels, TV Plus. Select from a variety of channels offering content for every interests that room currently bei trend. No need to ask your friend which inhalt is warm these days. Just tune in to TV Plus und find out.

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* Netflix, Youtube, AppleTV, Republic, Fuel, Insight, haustiere collective, awesome etc. Space registered trademarks von respective in brand geraten owners.

All die fun. Only zum kids.


With children TV on Smart TV, get the best von entertainment, learning, und games for your kids. You kann create up zu 3 tailored file on kids TV, ensuring that die kids stay happily involved with age-appropriate content, while sie stay worry-free.

Optimised sound system


With Sound+ an innovation that deflects the audio towards you, so you kann sein enjoy every moment.

*Available in T4600 & T4900 models only #40W, 4CH is in T4900 model only

Your entertainment, on any screen.


Let your smartphone und Smart TV arbeiten together to maximize your entertainment. Play her music and videos on the big screen zu make it come alive or change your content to her phone for personal enjoyment.

Switch ~ above a world von entertainment.

content Partners

With Smart TV, enjoy your favourite inhalt across genres.Choose native thousands of free movies, TV shows, sports, music and news inhalt from international und Indian partners.

* Use des third splitterpartei apps might require subscription und internet connectivity. * content resolution might vary. * Feature availability may vary as per modell
* content resolution relies on die feed provided von partners. * every third party logos, trademarks und content are zum representational purpose only and belong zu respective parties. * weil das all visuals- image Simulated. Zum representational purposes just
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