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Audi"s zuerst volume electric vehicle, the E-Tron crossover, go on sale a couple of years back and has managed kommen sie earn plenty of accolades since then.

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But a faster, performance-oriented version called the E-Tron S ist coming this fall as a 2022 model, through prices starting at $85,895. In E-Tron s Sportback is deshalb coming zum the 2022 model year, a prototype zum which we tested early tonnage year. It wollen cost $88,495.

The E-Tron S and E-Tron s Sportback are among the zuerst EVs indigenous a major automaker with a three-motor powertrain. Another zu sein the Tesla model S Plaid. In the Audis, there"s a single motiv up front and two independent motors in the rear. Von having 2 independent motors at die rear, die system is able to precisely vary torque betwee the rear wheels. At die front, conventional brake-based speak vectoring ist relied upon.


Audi E-Tron s Sportback

The 3 motors supply a linked output of 496 hp und 718 lb-ft of torque, despite this peak output ist only delivered in temporary to explode lasting eight seconds. According zu Audi, the will seen the E-Tron S und E-Tron s Sportback supply 0-60 mph acceleration an 4.3 seconds. Oberteil speed on ns vehicles ist capped hinweisen 130 mph.

The battery ist the very same 95-kilowatt-hour unit found in the consistent E-Trons. Ns battery zu sein rated von the generieren at 204 miles bei the traditional E-Tron and 218 miles in the much more aerodynamic E-Tron Sportback. Audi said ns S models will have an EPA-estimated range von 208 miles in standard E-Tron S form while die E-Tron s Sportback will have up kommen sie 212 miles von range. Die S models operate in rear-wheel-drive mode as much as possible kommen sie boost efficiency, with die front motiv kicking in when the treiber needs an ext performance or slip ist detected, according to Audi.

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Beyond the powertrain, the ns versions of the E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback advantage from power tuning of the suspension and steering systems. Ns vehicles also come v 21-inch wheels (22-inch wheels are available) und uprated brakes. Like many EVs, every E-Tron variants can deshalb recover energy wie braking. Depending on die driving situation, ns computer controling ns braking system decides individually zum each axle whether the car möchte decelerate with ns electric motors, die conventional brakes, or both.


Audi E-Tron s Sportback

The S models are so wider than die regular E-Trons, von almost two inches. This has allowed the engineers to rechts wider wheels and tires. Drag stays low yet thanks to clever flow-optimized wheel arch extensions and flaps bei the prior brake ducts which stay closed as viel as possible zu streamline airflow.

Inside, there room a number of sporty touches including bolstered seats with nappa animal leather trim. Owners will deshalb find a number von “S” logos around die cabin, follow me with die top version of Audi"s infotainment system. A head-up display zu sein available.

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Though it"s yet kommen sie be confirmed, there are reports die E-Tron möchte receive a significant update weil das the 2023 model year, and chief among the updates zu sein reportedly more range.