Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Although most refuge lands and outdoor spaces have remained open weil das the public kommen sie enjoy, us ask that sie recreate responsibly. Check alerts and local problems on this website und call ahead for current information. Work vary based on local public health and wellness conditions.
Attention sheep Hunters
If freundin are planning zu hunt in Game monitoring Area 25A, be recommend that the area characterized as ns Eastern Brooks selection Management Area (EBRMA) in the Alaska state regulations (also well-known as the Arctic village Sheep monitoring Area (AVSMA)) is closed kommen sie all non-federally-qualified users, consisting of closed weil das the youth hunt und the winter hunt (RS595).

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ns Coastal plain oil and gas regimen november 6, 2020

The bureau of festland Management (BLM) administers ns Federal onshore oil und gas leasing program an Alaska. For the latest status on oil und gas developments, please visit the link below.

seaside Plain des the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge
Domestic animal rule finalized

The U.S. Fish und Wildlife service has released its final 2020–2021 Station-Specific Hunting und Sport Fishing Regulations, a national package focused on broadening hunting and fishing opportunities on service lands. This package has a regulation prohibiting the use von domestic sheep, goats, and camelids (i.e., llamas and alpacas) top top Arctic national Wildlife Refuge lands, due to concerns about disease transmission zu Dall sheep und other wildlife. The final rule is published an the commonwealth Register. You re welcome contact die Refuge punkt 907-456-0549 if you have any questions.

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commonwealth Register domestic pet rule
fist Drone customers

The use des unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drones) zu sein no much longer allowed for any us Fish and Wildlife leistungen supported or permitted use. This prohibition uses to die use von drones zum commercial filming and scientific research, even if die use des drones was previously authorized durch special usage permit. Secretarial bespeak 3379, issued by Interior Secretary Bernhardt on januar 29, 2020, mandates the all non-emergency UAS flights cease until further notice. UAS flights bei support des emergencies, such as wildfires und search und rescue missions, will continue.

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The national Wildlife Refuge System, within ns U.S. Fish und Wildlife Service, manages a national network des lands and waters collection aside to conserve America"s fish, wildlife, und plants.

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"Here ausblüten survives one des Planet Earth"s very own works of art. This one symbolizes freedom: freedom zu continue, unhindered und forever if we are willing, ns particular story des Planet earth unfolding here." - Lowell Sumner (pioneering NPS biologist)