Anti red bull leipzig

LEIPZIG, Germany -- RB leipzig was virtually done dispensing with TSG Hoffenheim one chilly evening in December wie man a few von its better-dressed pendant retreated to die VIP lounge atop Red Bull Arena. Drinks bei hand, lock gathered around a video überwacht to watch ns waning moments von a different game.

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Everyone knew what was at stake. If bayerisch Munich might hold off Borussia Monchengladbach, upstart leipzig would relocate atop die Bundesliga. With an ext than half the season remaining, the wouldn"t average too viel -- und yet, that would typical everything.. Constructed from ns ground up von Red Bull, the austrian beverage company, leipzig has become die most reviled club in Germany. If that isn"t her favorite club, Leipzig is probably your the very least favorite. Und if you are a leipzig fan, ns rest des the Bundesliga would tell you that you"re one des a select few.

Deep right into stoppage time, bayerisch conceded a penalty. Together Monchengladbach"s Ramy Bensebaini calmly put the ball into ns net, the crowd in the VIP lounge let the end a groan. Now they"d need hinweisen least another week to stake their claim as die Bundesliga"s best, and that was a shame. Hadn"t they already been waiting zu be German champions for ... Virtually a decade?

RB Leipzig is Europe"s identical of in American growth team. Before 2009, it simply didn"t exist. Climate Red Bull -- already the owner of soccer clubs bei Salzburg and New york as well together Formula 1 gyeongju teams and other sporting activities entities -- take it control of SSV Markranstadt, which had been puttering along in the German 5th division. That changed the team"s name and Red Bull"d its colors and logo. That bought a 10-year lease on ns city"s 43,000-seat stadium, broke ground on a palatial cultivate facility and began its journey to ns top of German football.

In nur eight seasons, RB leipzig reached die Bundesliga. über the 10th, 2018-19, it was competing in the champion League. Fielding Germany"s youngest squad, that deploys a high-octane style; this season, no team an the league has scored as many goals. As die Bundesliga resumes this woche after its holiday break, Leipzig is well positioned zu depose mighty Bayern, which has won seven titles bei succession but at this time sits 4 points behind Leipzig in the table. That"s big news for a vain that has actually crowned just two different champions -- Bayern und Borussia dortmund -- in the past decade und only 4 this century.

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You would assume ns emergence von a new contender would be celebrated. The isn"t.

"We would like our worst enemies," says philipp Reschke, Eintracht Frankfurt"s chief operating officer. "We would always not vote weil das the plastic. We would certainly vote weil das a timeless club choose Bayern. We would certainly vote for the heart."

Leipzig"s fans base has actually grown tremendously over the decade of its existence, however around ns league, there"s no love weil das the club. Notfall even close.Karina Hessland/Bongarts/Getty ImagesTo know that, it zu sein necessary to realize the German football has actually barely readjusted since the 1960s. Sure, the stadiums are bigger und the shirts have advertising, but die game is ausblüten perceived together a sacred trust between a club und its fans. "Football zu sein a glue bei our society," says farbe Cramer, Borussia Dortmund"s chef executive. "It has a society responsibility."

To ensure that soulless companies or free-spending oligarchs don"t buy trost clubs, as they"re allowed -- indeed, welcome -- to do in most other nations, the deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) bylaws require that separation, personal, instance members very own a majority des voting shares, a "50-plus-one" dominion unique kommen sie Germany. Exceptions, such together Volkswagen"s ownership des Wolfsburg und pharmaceutical huge Bayer"s of bayer 04 Leverkusen, are permitted only wie man a firm or individual has bankrolled a club zum at least two decades. That obviously isn"t ns case through Red Bull and RB Leipzig, but in a shrewd move, and in entirely legal one, ns company managed zu meet ns "50-plus-one" requirement von issuing a klein number von shares, buying 49% des them itself, climate pricing die rest prohibitively and choosing who might invest.

There so is a restriction versus clubs adopting advertising logos, yet a few tweaks to die taurine combatants on die drink cans showed enough kommen sie circumvent it. As for the dominion forbidding teams to name themselves after corporations, Red Bull had in answer zum that, too. It transforms out that die RB an RB leipzig doesn"t in reality stand zum Red Bull. Officially, weist least, it zu sein the near-nonsense word RasenBallsport, i beg your pardon literally way "sports played through a ball on a lawn." virtually everyone calls castle Red Bull anyway. Such sleight von hand, coupled with die club"s vertiginous rise, has führen zu the rest von German football zu treat Leipzig"s success as bei existential crisis.

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"Is die purpose des football to serve ns people who liebe football or kommen sie serve something else?" asks Axel Hellmann, who serves top top Eintracht Frankfurt"s board. When leipzig plays in Frankfurt, Eintracht refuses to zeigen its logo design on ns video board or everywhere else in its arena. "I"m not here to make in advertisement weil das Red Bull," Hellmann says.

It isn"t just Eintracht and Dortmund, two of Germany"s most traditional clubs. The erste time leipzig traveled to gewerkschaftern Berlin, ns page in the video game program usually committed to the history of the visiting club was replaced with a inside wall on bull breeding instead. Fortuna Dusseldorf has actually updated its bylaws kommen sie forbid ns club native scheduling friendlies with leipzig or supplying recognition bei any way "beyond what zu sein required von the rules des the sport."

Fan groups around die Bundesliga regularly boycott trips zu Red Bull Arena, und nearly all of them display banners v biting slogans. "Sometimes i feel that there"s a competition bolzen the fans of various other clubs to do the strongest action against Red Bull," says frank Aehlig, a previous Bundesliga manager und executive hinweisen RB Leipzig, who jetzt works weist FC Koln. (The president of another rival, FC Augsburg, even formed his own group of investors in in attempt zu wrest control of Leipzig, however failed.)