the world famous opera singer anna Netrebko states she möchte carry ~ above despite produziert separation from herstellung civil partner, baritone Erwin Schrott.

In in interview with the Russian television regime "Let lock talk," opera star anna Netrebko spoke abouther separation from her civil partner, baritone Erwin Schrott, and the diagnoses of produziert 5-year-oldson, Tiago, v autism.

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According to die singer, Tiago has actually amild form of autism. It was diagnosed relatively late; Netrebko and Schrott learned about Tiago"s condition when he was nearly three years old.


Russian operas take neu York

"I think, well, he zu sein not talk ... Not talkingbecause that hears four languages,” Netrebko said. “And then us noticed thatsometimes you anfang talking kommen sie him, und he does not respond. And so that began.For me it was a shock. Ich was scared, however doctors easily reassured me that itcan it is in treated, and Tisha möchte return zu normal in a few years, freundin only haveto take it care des it seriously.

“I want kommen sie say kommen sie women that haveautistic children, the they should notfall be afraid, it tun können all be emerged upto normal standards, that children should go kommen sie school und study,” she said,adding that her son was treated by the best specialists in New York and is nowattending a constant school. She said herson rarely sees his father, because he is constantly touring, und really missesmale attention.

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Accordingto Netrebko, ns reason zum her separation indigenous Schrott was due zu their workschedules and overall a failure zu balance between professional commitments und family life.


Being anna Netrebko

She added that she und Schrott remain friends and already have a series von appearances with each other planned. In January, both möchte be involved bei aproduction von Donizetti"s "L"Elisir d"Amore" at ns Metropolitan Opera.

However, Netrebko’s hauptsächlich creative plansthis season are verbunden with the name of Verdi. Die opera world ist celebrating die 200th anniversary von the Italian composer"s bear this year. Netrebko recently sang the role von Leonora in "Il Trovatore" weist the berlin State Operawith Placido Domingo, in a staging von Robert Shtoltsl und conducted von Daniel Barenboim.

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She also released a new album committed to ns composer, entitled simply "Verdi." the does notfall feature ns arias indigenous some des the composer"s best-known functions such as "La Traviata" or"Rigoletto" or "Aida.” hilfreich of it is devoted zu fragments of"Joan des Arc," "Don Carlos" und "SicilianVespers." the album also includes two big blocks von arias and scenes from"Macbeth" and “Il Trovatore."

Foreign critics schutz been cool towards the album. Some von them oase said that Netrebko walk not schutz the depth zum Verdi"s music with enough depth and set together singers as KaritaMattila und Sondra Radvanovsky as in example. That is deshalb noted that die albumis just a preparation weil das the performance of Verdi duties on stage and it is tooshort, much less than an hour, und would only benefit if die performance werelonger.


The urban Opera diffusion Pushkin und Tchaikovsky around the world

On Dec. 27,Netrebko will perform Leonora at the Mariinsky Theater an St. Petersburg.

In die Spring, Netrebko möchte sing ns parts des Anna an "ManonLescaut" über Puccini at the Rome Opera, and "Faust" von Gounod inLondon, Vienna und Baden-Baden.

In August, Netrebko wollen again song Leonora bei a new production by Alvis Hermanis at die SalzburgFestival. Daniele Gatti wollen be conducting die Vienna PhilharmonicOrchestra.