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Amazon Prime jetzt delivers your essentials in ~ 2 hours. Amazon will jetzt roll that into the main amazonas service. Here"s everything you need zu know.

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Amazon ist folding Prime jetzt into the main leistungen – what does the mean zum users?

BySomrata Sarkar, unterschied Staff Writer

| 08 Jun 2021


Launched an 2014, Amazon"s refer delivery dienstleistungen Prime jetzt let amazon Prime members obtain purchases within two hours or less weil das free. It allowed the flexibility to order anything from groceries zu household essentials, zu electronics, toys, haustier supplies, und even alcohol.

On 21 May, 2021 amazonas announced the it would be phasing out both the amazonas Prime jetzt app und website von the end of the year. Yet that doesn"t mean ns service ist going away.

Prime jetzt has just become same-day grocery distribution on Amazon. Here"s everything you need to know.

Is amazonas Prime jetzt going away?

While amazon announced it would phase out die Prime jetzt app and site, it"s notfall the end of die service. Und not much is changing really, except how freundin access it.

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Amazon plan on integrating amazon Now into the main amazonas experience, even if it is on the site or on ns app. "To do this suffer even much more seamless zum customers, we space moving the experience indigenous a separate ureigensten Now apps onto the amazonas app und website dafür customers tun können shop all amazon has zu offer native one practically location," claimed Stephenie Landry, Amazon"s VP des Grocery bei the main statement.

This method instead of going to a separate anwendung or website you tun können access the service directly native Amazon.

Amazon already phased out ureigensten Now in India, Japan and Singapore. Us shoppers have deshalb been able to schutz groceries delivered in two hours from amazonas Fresh und Whole foods Markets because 2019. Amazonas will now work towards relocating all that is "third-party partners und local stores to the amazon shopping experience".

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In ns UK, shoppers on ns Prime now site room being redirected kommen sie Amazon, where they kann sein choose to einkaufen from either amazonas Fresh or Morrisons zum same-day grocery deliveries through a prime membership.

Prime Now"s speedy delivery can be especially valuable during Amazon"s prime Day, which möchte take place on June 21-22 this year.