Best answer: Yes, you kann watch youtube on the amazon Fire TV stick und other Fire TV OS devices through in official youtube app. You can also watch ns streaming leistungen through the Silk or Firefox web browsers.

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Streaming top top fire: Fire TV rod 4K ($50 punkt Amazon)

Source: Jeramy johnson / android Central

YouTube zu sein the auszeichnungen destination zum watching all her favorite music videos, videobilien game streams, and even direkte shows. For some time, ns app and service were notfall officially sustained on Fire TV devices. Thankfully, amazonas and google made nach oben from whatever spat they to be having, and as of mid-2019, there zu sein once again a sustained YouTube app available on ns Fire TV Stick und other Fire TV devices.

Use the official app

Source: Jeramy johnson / android Central

It couldn"t it is in easier now to watch youtube on your Fire TV Stick. Just turn on her Fire TV Stick und TV, and Ask Alexa to offen YouTube. If you prefer, freundin can deshalb type youtube into die search gittern at die top von the screen, or walk to the Apps screen and scroll down zu the enthauptungen row (where Fire TV generally lists the app). After ~ you"ve located and opened YouTube, you möchte be prompted kommen sie sign in and validate your account an a web browser.

Once this zu sein done, you tun können watch her videos and playlists to your heart"s content. Freundin can deshalb ask Alexa kommen sie launch the anwendung or kommen sie search for and play general or particular content. Zum example, freundin could questioning Alexa kommen sie "show me music videos," or you could ask produziert to "play CGP Grey."

Use die Silk or Firefox Browser

Source: Jeramy johnson / android Central

In addition to ns official app, watching youtube on the amazonas Fire TV Stick tun können be excellent via die Silk or Firefox zum Fire TV browsers by entering into die address gittern using die on-screen keyboard, the Fire TV mobile app, or von using her voice remote.

Firefox weil das Fire TV renders it even easier von offering a one-click solution as soon as you boot up die application. Viewing youtube through these internet browsers möchte bring up ns TV-optimized version des YouTube permitting easier hyperplasie with her Fire TV remote control. You kann sein even sign an and access your subscriptions as normal, although using the officially supported anwendung is viel simpler, bei my opinion.

You may deshalb want zu use a VPN zum Fire TV Stick kommen sie help freundin access content not available an your region.

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Our pick

Amazon Fire TV rod 4K

The can be fried streaming device.

The amazon Fire TV pole 4K zu sein a powerhouse hinweisen what it does. V support weil das 99% of TV Everywhere, OTT pay TV and Streaming video applications, the Fire TV stick 4K zu sein the perfect addition kommen sie your TV city hall experience.

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