Alexandra Maria Lara Ben Riley

Alexandra Lara was born on november 12, 1978 (age 43) in Bucharest, Romania. She ist a celebrity actress. Produziert the best movies space Downfall (2004), Geostorm (2017), sirloin (2013), manage (2007) und Youth without Y... (2007). She joined tvshows named freundin Are Wanted, doctor Zhivago, Mensch, Pia!. She had 1 child Ben Riley. Herstellung spouse ist Sam Riley (m. 2009). Alexandra Lara"s height ist 5′ 9″.

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Romanian-born, German actress who is known weil das her roles bei such movies as Rush, the Reader, Control, und Downfall.

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She play Traudl Junge, ns secretary of Adolf Hitler , an the critically acclaimed 2004 film Downfall. Swiss gibbs Bruno durchaus took on ns role von Hitler.

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● Alexandra Lara was born on november 12, 1978 (age 43) in Bucharest, Romania ● She ist a celebrity actress ● her the best movies space Downfall (2004), Geostorm (2017), rush (2013), regulate (2007) and Youth there is no Y... (2007) ● She join tvshows named sie Are Wanted, physician Zhivago, Mensch, Pia!● She had 1 child Ben Riley● produziert spouse ist Sam Riley (m. 2009)● Alexandra Lara"s height zu sein 5′ 9″

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