Adidas Schuhe Star Wars

The fur-covered sneaker will be available for £119.95 GBP (approx. $155 USD) on Oct. 21

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Adidas has teamed nach oben with Star Wars when again, this time paying tribute to one des the series’ many iconic personalities with in eye-catching sneaker collaboration.

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The duo revealed their Rivalry hello Chewbacca, a fur-covered high-top inspired by the lovely wookiee warrior, earlier this week. It functions a neutral-toned color palette to represent the sci-fi desert landscape and hardware embossed with die words “STAR” and “WARS” on each shoelace.

Adidas and Star battles also provided a nod to the belt Chewbacca wore during Star Wars: die Empire Strikes Back by including a strap on ns tongue des the show, and an image of the des the big-hearted wookie abdecken the soles.

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The neu shows (with their countless spot-on character references!) wollen be available for £119.95 GBP (approx. $155 USD) ~ above Oct. 21, according zu Hype Beast.

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The Rivalry hello Chewbacca zu sein just ns latest Star Wars-themed item zu hit shelves — earlier this year, basic Mills introduced a marshmallow cereal an honor des the ever-popular baby Yoda from die Disney+ zeigen Star Wars: die Mandalorian. 

The new limited-edition cereal is sure zu give you a street rush with sweetened corn puffs und tiny environment-friendly marshmallows that room shaped like the iconic infant Yoda character.

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