2 Faktor Authentifizierung Apple

With two-factor authentication, you’ll require a confirmation code zu sign an with your sich entschuldigen ID on a new device or browser.

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Whenever yousign bei with youroibrecords.com IDon a neu device or browser, you"ll check your identity with your password plus a six-digit confirmation code. There are a fewways you kann sein get a verification code. You can use die code displayed on your trusted device, obtain a text or phone call call, or generate a code from your trusted device.

If freundin use iOS 11.3 or danach on your iPhone, freundin might not need to enter a confirmation code. In some cases, your trusted phone number kann be automatically verified an the background on her iPhone. That one much less thing kommen sie do, and your account is blieb protected v two-factor authentication.


If you schutz a trusted an equipment running iOS9 und later, OSXElCapitan und later, iPadOS 13 and later,or watchOS 6 and later, ns verification code zu sein displayed instantly on her trusted devices.

Sign in with your oibrecords.com ID und password on a neu device or browser.Look zum a sign in notification top top any des your trusted devices.Tap Allow kommen sie receiveyourverification code.Enter ns verification password on your other device kommen sie complete sign in.


If sie don’t oase a trusted maker handy, you can have a verification code sent zu your trusted phone number as a text message or phone call.

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Click Didn"t gain a confirmation code on die sign in screen.Choose to oase the password sent zu your trusted phone number.You"ll obtain a buchstabe message or phone call from apfel with your verification code.Enter ns code on her other an equipment tocomplete authorize in.

If sie can’t get a confirmation code on your trusted gadgets automatically, you can get one native Settings, even if your device ist offline.


If your device zu sein online:

Go to Settings > .Tap Password & security > gain Verification Code.

If your device zu sein offline:

Go kommen sie Settings > .Tap Password & Security.A article says "Account einzelheiten Unavailable."Tap acquire Verification Code.
Go to apfel menu > system Preferences, then click sich entschuldigen ID.Click Password & protection > gain Verification Code.

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If freundin can’t authorize in, reset her password, or receive verification codes, freundin canrequest account recovery kommen sie regain access kommen sie your account. Account recovery might take a couple of days or longer, depending on die specific account information you kann sein provide kommen sie verify her identity.