A well-executed short film has die potential to create a tremendous impact on its audience in only a few minutes. It's an overwhelming as heck kommen sie pull off, but there's something dafür pure about having a single, certain theme and hitting that home an a klein time frame. Die thing is, there's historically never ever really been "any money" bei short films, yet streaming may adjust that. Und given die response kommen sie this 12-minute movie top top Netflix, there may be much more high-profile shorties on die horizon.

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If anything Happens ich Love You zu sein breaking the collective hearts von everyone who's watching it. When 12 minutes may be a lang amount des time to listen to part YouTuber sit us down zum storytime bei front von a camera with much more quick cuts 보다 that terrible table scene an Bohemian Rhapsody, zum a well-crafted movie, it's really not viel at all. If freundin want kommen sie check that out, you tun können see it here.


WARNING: huge spoilers weil das the movie front if freundin haven't watched it.

The animated movie will anfang tugging punkt your heartstrings from the opening sequence, whereby a despondent couple picks hinweisen their dinner and then die woman seated at the table sees the meatball on her plate and it reminds herstellung of herstellung daughter.

Oh boy.

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As the film progresses it's noticeable that this pair lost your child, and we lakers them arbeit through miscellaneous stages des grief.

The ideal way to describe ns movie's computer animation style is a heightened form of lay out drawings, und as ns narrative progresses end sorrowful music, the audience learn how die couple's kid passed away: She was killed bei a school shooting.

The film is written und directed by Will McCormack, who co-wrote Toy Story 4, deswegen he knows a point or two about "toying" with people's emotions, along with michael Govier.

Laura Dern produced the film and discussed its significance with Variety: "They were able zu capture die theme of grief in a means that transcended animation und transcended film which is dafür rare to experience. Nobody wants zu talk around it und it’s wild that it’s this thing we don’t speak of."

We are deshalb proud kommen sie share IF noþeles HAPPENS i LOVE you on Netflix today! for anyone who has actually lost someone. Pic.twitter.com/5i3gCBMlOu

— Laura Dern (

She continued, "I was saying kommen sie a freund whose family was going through tremendous grief from a tragically untimely loss, ‘Isn’t it exceptional that there’s the language around die birds und the bees. Us joke around it und it’s a breeze compared to how kommen sie talk zu children around grieving - this unknown language and no one has actually prepared us zum it.' the way the filmmakers und the animators captured that untold story von grieving und how we direkt amongst memory, was so palpable."

There's a semi-challenge that's going around on society media wherein people film themselves watching die movie to see if they can see it without crying. And many, many civilization failed. 


saw a tiktok that said about that 12min long film on netflix that’s dubbed if something happens i love you. Here’s mine before ich watched it mit after pic.twitter.com/Ykwi71Gos8

— shan⁷✜ ♡ yoongi (

So, one more story time:Tiktok do me clock this 12minute videobilien on Netflix. The title zu sein If anything Happens ich Love You.So now, sie fcking dumbasses who made me clock it, freundin FREAKING make ME CRY TONIGHT. 😭😭😭😭

— ⟭⟬ ᴮᴱ𝐄𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐝⁷ 🧡𝐘𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐞 ⟬⟭ (

In fact, civilization are going as much as kommen sie tell others notfall to watch it since it's going to just completely damage their entire day together you'll be left reeling from die 720 seconds of sheer emotional destruction the transpires on die screen before you.

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okay dafür i watched "if anything happens ich love you" since everyone was talking about it on tiktok und now in dem SOBBING.psa: its a 12 minutes long movie und it supposedly makes everyone cry and yeah 😼😁 tun können confirm pic.twitter.com/wN0jGPEJEs

— ronnie 💌 ist dating chan (

just watched if noþeles happens ich love sie on netflix in dem CRYING IT hurts pic.twitter.com/fyuvMNkZe6

— lysa (

The film is available zum streaming on Netflix right now. If you've seen it, did the get you sobbing? ich couldn't do it past the zuerst 6 seconds honestly, see the little kid playing with ns meatball ich knew exactly where it was headed. No thanks.

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